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  • Mathematics In Mathematics

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    Mathematics has been regarded as the backbone of scientific and technological development without which no nation can attain any sustainable development. Okafor and Adeleye (2011) defines Mathematics as the study of number, symbols, sizes, shapes, spaces, patterns, generalization, measurement, models, qualities, relationships and functions. Also Mathematics can be defines as the language of science and technology. Mathematics is an important subject that cut across all science subjects, Hence,

  • Mathematics And Mathematics

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    Topic 2 Mathematics is the science of numbers and their operations, interrelations, combinations, generalizations, abstractions and of space configurations and their structure, measurement, transformation, and generalizations (Merriam-Webster, 2016). Mathematics is inextricably linked to science in that it plays a pivotal role in the unification, verification and exploration in science. Mathematics is a simple language of combined scientific facts. In the medieval period, Greek philosopher Aristotle

  • Mathematics: Mathematics And Blindness

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    Mathematics and blindness: let's try to solve this problem ? Pinho, T.M.M. 1 , Castro, H.C.1,2; Alves, L. 2 , Lima N.R.W. 1, 1CMPDI, Instituto de Biologia, UFF, RJ, Brazil 2PPBI, Instituto de Biologia, UFF, RJ, Brazil According to World Health Organization, the number of people with blindness due to infectious diseases has reduced in the last 20 years whereas 80% of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured. Despite of that, 285 million people are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide

  • Mathematic In The Teaching Of Mathematics

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    Mathematic is one of the significant concepts in life that people dealt with in everyday living. In fact, most people did not recognize it. Teaching mathematic is not easy, in reality, most students hate math apart from other subjects. Most students say that it is very difficult and contains a lot of calculations and using of formulas. In fact, it is all about how to teach it and what teaching approach to use in order to attract the interest of the learners and how the approach can broaden and widen

  • Impact Of Mathematics In Mathematics

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    Theoretical Basis Culture provides a means for students to develop conceptual understanding in mathematics. According to Rogoff (2003), “Human development is a cultural process. As a biological species, humans are defined in terms of our cultural participation” (p. 3). The students’ culture has been identified as one of the factors that influence mathematics learning, and that individuals of different cultural groups have different worldviews that are a product of centuries, which will not disappear

  • Dance And Mathematics: A Connection Between Mathematics And Mathematics

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    in love with dance and mathematics. Math has always been my favorite subject in school, and my favorite time of the day has always been dance, where I can let my emotions out on the dance floor. Around high school, however, is when I determinately took notice that there is a possible connection between the work I perform in both of these areas. I realized that when I dance, I create shapes, patterns, angles and combinations, comparable to the ones I engender in mathematics. This epiphany has led

  • Mathematics And Mathematics: Fermat's Contribution To Mathematics

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    the first ten million numbers, there would still be an infinite number of numbers left untested, ultimately resulting in the futility of this attempt. The only way to solve this mathematic impossibility, therefore, would be to create a mathematic proof by applying the work of previous mathematicians and scholars. A mathematic proof, as defined by Michael Hutchings of University of California-Berkley, is simply “an argument which convinces other people that something is true [through mathematical reasoning]”

  • Role Of Mathematics In Mathematics

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    1. Introduction Mathematics has been vital to the development of civilization. From ancient to modern times mathematics has been fundamental to advances in science, engineering, and philosophy. Developments in modern mathematics have been driven by a number of motivations that can be categorised into the solution of a difficult problem and the creation of new theory enlarging the fields of applications of mathematics. Very often the solution of a concrete difficult problem is based on the creation

  • The Importance Of Mathematics In Mathematics

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    Mathematics has been referred to as the language of science, as everything man does involve mathematics, from the formulas we use to model the world, to the trials and measurements we use to test and apply our models. Mathematics is an excellent foundation for and is usually a prerequisite to, all areas of science and engineering. It provides the analytical part of all sciences even for Philosophy. Fasasi and Yahya (2016) asserted that Mathematics is the very basis of all sciences and technology

  • Mathematics In Ancient Greek Mathematics

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    From ancient Greek mathematics, came many brilliant scholars such as: Pythagorus, Aristotle, Eudemus, Theophrastus, Archimedes, Aristotle, and Euclid. Of all the civilizations of the ancient world, the most a developed and inovative was that of ancient Greece. The best estimated time of the Greek civilization is dated back to 2800 BC. Around that time, the pyramids were being constructed in Egypt. (Allen) The Greeks built more onto what the Egyptians began building during the time of the pyramids