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  • Mathematic In The Teaching Of Mathematics

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    Mathematic is one of the significant concepts in life that people dealt with in everyday living. In fact, most people did not recognize it. Teaching mathematic is not easy, in reality, most students hate math apart from other subjects. Most students say that it is very difficult and contains a lot of calculations and using of formulas. In fact, it is all about how to teach it and what teaching approach to use in order to attract the interest of the learners and how the approach can broaden and widen

  • Dance And Mathematics: A Connection Between Mathematics And Mathematics

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    in love with dance and mathematics. Math has always been my favorite subject in school, and my favorite time of the day has always been dance, where I can let my emotions out on the dance floor. Around high school, however, is when I determinately took notice that there is a possible connection between the work I perform in both of these areas. I realized that when I dance, I create shapes, patterns, angles and combinations, comparable to the ones I engender in mathematics. This epiphany has led

  • Mathematics And Mathematics: Fermat's Contribution To Mathematics

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    the first ten million numbers, there would still be an infinite number of numbers left untested, ultimately resulting in the futility of this attempt. The only way to solve this mathematic impossibility, therefore, would be to create a mathematic proof by applying the work of previous mathematicians and scholars. A mathematic proof, as defined by Michael Hutchings of University of California-Berkley, is simply “an argument which convinces other people that something is true [through mathematical reasoning]”

  • Mathematics

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    Mathematics At the recent annual meeting of the Psychology of Mathematics Education--North America Chapter, held in Florida, Bob and I were playing Frisbee on the beach. The lure of the surf soon led us into thigh deep water where waves added to the fun we were having with the wind. We were throwing parallel to the shore but the waves were coming in at an angle so that a breaking wave first hit Bob before hitting me a few seconds later. Verbal communication was difficult due to the noise of

  • Mathematics

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    Mathematics In an attempt to express certain basic concepts of mathematics precisely, one should consider a handful of different accepted and developed conceptions. Pythagoras, in the Fifth Century B.C., believed that the ultimate elements of reality were numbers; therefore the explanation for the existence of any object could only be explained in number. Gottlob Frege stated, in an idea referred to as logicism, that mathematics could in some sense be reduced to logic. The views of Plato state

  • Mathematics

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    Mathematics are important and are used by everyone. My family uses math daily. Doctors use it for various things and need math for their jobs. Many sports, such as basketball, use math. Math is needed to be able to do almost anything. Math is used in countless numbers of ways in my family’s daily life. For instance, when we are shopping we add up all the prices of the items we are about to buy to figure out the price we will pay. Another example of how my family and I use math is with

  • Mathematics In Ancient Greek Mathematics

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    From ancient Greek mathematics, came many brilliant scholars such as: Pythagorus, Aristotle, Eudemus, Theophrastus, Archimedes, Aristotle, and Euclid. Of all the civilizations of the ancient world, the most a developed and inovative was that of ancient Greece. The best estimated time of the Greek civilization is dated back to 2800 BC. Around that time, the pyramids were being constructed in Egypt. (Allen) The Greeks built more onto what the Egyptians began building during the time of the pyramids

  • history of mathematics

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    By the time the Babylonians and Egypt developed their mathematics; Indians had worked independently and made an advanced mathematical discovery. During the early time of Indian, they were already familiar with arithmetic operations such as addition, multiplication, subtraction, multiplication, fractions, squares, cubes and roots. The evidence of using Pythagorean triples was also traced as part of Hindu mathematics long before Pythagoras. The Indian text known as “Sulba Sutras” contains a geometric

  • Women and Mathematics

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    and Mathematics Call me a bigot if you want but men are better mathematicians than women. Year after year, men score higher on the SAT’s, more men receive prestigious educations from the best technical schools in the nation, and men obtain more degrees, secure more jobs and get promoted more often. “The ETS report on students taking the SAT examinations indicates that males have traditionally scored 40-50 points higher on the mathematics section”

  • Mathematics Essay

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    Mathematics contributes to everyday life in some way or another. Some situations are simpler than others. Someone may just have to use simple addition or subtraction in paying his or her bills. Or someone may even have to use more complex math like solving for a missing variable in an equation to figure out the dimensions of a building. Mathematics will always be used in everyday life. Some theories and algorithms are more important or used more often than others. Many mathematicians have developed