Domestic Violence

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  • Domestic Violence

    Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is violent, abusive or threatening behavior occurring between family members or intimate partners in a domestic setting. Research shows that women, children and the elderly are more likely to be the victims of domestic violence.

    Domestic violence is commonly used to create a power imbalance and exert control over the victim through fear and intimidation. It can transpire between adult family members; however, the term is frequently used for violence that occurs between married or cohabiting couples in heterosexual or same-sex relationships.

    Domestic violence manifests in various ways, some of these include bullying, verbal and emotional abuse as well as physical, sexual and economic abuse. Common forms of physical and sexual abuse that occur as part of domestic abuse include beating, choking, stoning, rape, disfigurement, female genital mutilation and honor killing.

    Domestic abuse affects millions of men and women worldwide, resulting in the homelessness, impoverishment, injury and even death of the victims. The State loses billions of dollars due to lost work productivity and health care costs, which can be directly attributed to domestic violence. This form of abuse can have devastating consequences on the victims and their families. Children exposed to domestic violence are more likely to experience serious emotional issues and engage in drug or substance abuse as a means of escape.

    It is important to establish and maintain the safety of the victims; once this is done, appropriate legal measures can be taken against the perpetrator. Simultaneously, the emotional and psychological problems of both victim and perpetrator need to be addressed, particularly if these include alcohol or other kinds of substance abuse. Victims also need the support of adult family members who can provide consistent nurturing and support.

    Domestic violence can be pre-empted by educating communities about its dangers; providing mentors, positive role models and a supportive school environment to young people and families.

    The following essays on domestic violence examine this issue in greater detail.

  • Domestic Violence

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    Domestic violence has gotten so bad now that it is recognized as a national health problem (Yonaka, L, et al.). Statistics done by the Bureau of Justice between the years 2001 and 2005 showed that about 511,000 violent assaults were made against women, and about 105,00 against men by their spouse or partner, half resulting in physical injury. In another statistic, about one in six pregnant women were reported for domestic violence cases (“Screening for Abuse May Be Key to Ending It.”). The affects

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    There is no question that domestic violence directed against women is a serious problem. Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop has called it women’s number-one health problem. The statistics reported in the popular press are staggering: Nearly one third of women in hospital emergency departments are there due to domestic violence, three out of four female homicide victims are killed by their husbands or lovers, and 6 million women are victims of abuse by people they know each year (Journal

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    Domestic violence has no specific time of beginning. The crimes of domestic violence go way back into our history. My research has led me to believe that the start of the crimes originated from Europe and had gotten brought to the Americas when settlers had came. The Europeans were permitted to beat their women as a form of correctional behavior, this was in the 1500’s to the 1800’s. The weapons they used were their hands or a switch no bigger than the husbands thumb. Later, in the 1800’s there were

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    being choked. while victims try to cope withe the situation it is hard for the person to feel control because it has been taken away from the victim by the abuser. Kids also experience domestic violence sometimes the kids are part of the hitting and beatings. David Pelzer an american author has a past of domestic violence where his mom was the abuser and he,a chid, was the victim. David speaks of how his mom "thought of it as a game" and "how he was continually abused, mistreated, and beaten by his mother"

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    member. Domestic violence is that the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sex crime, and different abusive behavior perpetrated by an intimate partner against another. It is a virulent disease touching people in each community, notwithstanding age, economic standing, race, religion, status or academic background. Violence against girls is usually amid showing emotion abusive and dominant behavior, and so is a component of a scientific pattern of dominance and management. Violence ends up

  • Domestic Violence

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    Domestic violence include sex abuse and intentionally or unintentionally use of physical force such as slapping, hitting and causing other injuries to your partner, children, friends, etc. A psychologist and law school professor, Mary Ann Dutton, who is an expert in domestic violence described it as "a pattern of behavior in which one intimate partner uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation and emotional, sexual or economic abuse to control and change the behavior of the

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    Statistics like these outlines the severity and seriousness of the domestic epidemic in Canada. This is an epidemic with dramatic and negative effects not only affecting individuals, but communities as a whole, it is a crime that knows no economic, racial, ethnic or religious limits. “At some point in their lives, more than forty percent of women will experience violence, and in most cases this violence is in the hands of a man.” Although research may suggest that these statistics may be under-reported

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    Domestic Violence Today, the heartbreaking actuality with domestic violence is genuine because we have or had an encounter with these ourselves. We also know someone that has or has come across with domestic violence. Domestic violence is a prototype of sadistic actions exemplified by the intention to acquire or sustain authority and domination over an intimate partner or other family members. There are vigorous actions or risks of dynamic actions with behaviors that terrorize, manipulate, segregate

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    I have read a lot of statistics and personal testimonies about Domestic Violence situations. Most of us know the patterns. Most of us are familiar with the statistics. Often times statistics are only numbers unless you or someone you know have become one and have lived that hell personally. Many of us have, including myself. While we can, and should, do our part as individuals, and as groups, to lobby for protection, for support, and for awareness, we also need to realize that, as difficult