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    Love is the purest form of emotion, driven by strong feelings of affection and pleasantness towards a person, animal, object, and more. It is a virtue that makes one feel content and happy in heart and mind. Love is not just a feeling of attraction, romance and sexual intimacy between two people. It is a feeling of deepest interpersonal affection that binds a relationship. Be it a camaraderie between friends or a mother-son bond, it all falls under the definition of love.

    Different Types of Love

    Love can be broadly classified as impersonal, interpersonal, and compassion for animals. Impersonal love is the feeling of strong attraction to an object or a firm belief on a process/principle/virtue. For example, We love pizza but we also love honesty. Interpersonal love is the feeling of passion and affection that one person has for another. When the feeling of love is not reciprocated by the other person, then it is termed as unrequited love. Interpersonal love may also involve physical attraction to one another. For example, a relationship between a couple or two lovers. The feeling of benevolence towards any kind of animal species comes under compassion towards animals.

    While love encompasses positive feelings, it is closely associated with the negative emotion of jealousy. A person becomes jealous when the person that they love shows interest in someone else. Romance has been a huge component of love, often talked about in books, films, and other media. Love stories are one of the popular genres of storytelling. In recent times, the slogan ‘Love is Love’ has been used to promote sexual freedom that has been suppressed by the norms of society. It means that a person can love anyone irrespective of their gender.

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  • In Love With Love

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    Love can be characterized as an intense feeling of affection towards another person that arises from a kinship, or recognition of attractive qualities in that person. Although love can be classified in different ways, the basic concept of love is any number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment towards a person. People sometimes confuse true love with infatuation; an intense desire for another person. In Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, Duke Orsino is not truly in

  • The Love Of Love

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    All human beings are the product of love. The first process of your beginning- the conception is a bye product of love. Two people loved each other and then two cells completely mingled with each other, rather lost their individuality to become one. This oneness is only possible through love. Love is the essence of life. Nothing is possible in this world without love. Once born, your first love is your mother. She has given you all she had in the form of life surviving energy- the milk. As a child

  • My Love In Love: A Love Of Love

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    I always thought that to be truly over someone you had fallen in love with that you either had to feel nothing at all towards them or have a strong sense of dislike for them. With Tyler neither of those emotions was working for me at all. What I hadn’t realized before was that there is a type of love beyond what we can imagine that is separate from current situations and feelings. When I met Tyler he had just begun playing guitar in my church’s praise band, in the moment I thought he was very cute

  • Love Is Love

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    Love is merely an illusion. How many of you believe in love at first sight? How many of you believe in first love? Do you think true love really exists? Did you only fall in love once in your whole life time? How many of you have fallen in love for the first time, second time, third time and still not sure that you are going end your life with the fourth one you are living with now or not. Is there any guarantee you will not fall in love with the fifth person again? Isn’t it crazy when you try to

  • Love Of Love

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    regular heartbeat, I just hear the sound of a broken heart. I am someone who knows exactly what it’s like to love someone so much and not to be loved in return. This man that I loved was Jacob. My sister and I fought over him like a toy, up to the point where it was getting insane. All of this started with me being born not looking as beautiful as my sister, Rachel. Every man always fell in love with her, but I was just the “other sister” who was not appreciated, sometimes not even mentioned. All of

  • Love And Love

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    the main supreme lies from hell occurs regarding the term ‘making love;’ which in truth, the majority of people happen to persist in performing a ‘sex act’ and in reality has nothing whatsoever to do with love! For without a doubt, this assuming position exists as a disgrace to use lustful sex with God’s name of LOVE, appearing to exist in the same league. Unknowingly, countless people live and die under the false illusion of love, such as the story concerning my best friend Marcy; which died from

  • Love And Love: The Presentation Of Love

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    The presentation of love and its difficulties can be very different as is seen in Romeo and Juliet and the poems by Carol Ann Duffy. Carol Ann Duffy uses lots of different words to talk about love. The poem Valentine is a monologue and in the poem she says “I give you an onion” I think that she says this because love is like an onion and has many layers that you have to unpeel until you reach the centre. However, I think there is a more evil side and that she chose to use an onion, because when

  • Love And Love: The Nature Of Love

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    When love is present it is what matters most, no obstacle is too big to overcome when hate does not exist. For instance, in an omnipotent perspective¬—through the eyes of religion—God had shown his eternal and unconditional love with no consequences before sin was created. There are many classes of love; a mother’s love, self-love, puppy love, everlasting love, love towards parents, and more. These vary to each relationship you have with others. Puppy love is something you experience similar to

  • Love And Love: The State Of Love

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    One of the most- maybe even the most- desired and glorified fountains of ecstasy in human society is the state of love. However, desires come with suffering and love is no exception to this rule. For, if it can give wings to fly really high into the heavens, it can also destroy them and send the heart falling down onto a cruel, unfortunate death. Heartbreak does not deter humans from pursuing potential happiness, but it does bring them back to their reality with more wisdom. Though, even with more