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    In this chapter I will explore into the vireos issues regarding the concept of punishment and justification of the state. Why state punish and how much punish? What is the justification of state for punishment? Furthermore I will look at the comparison of theoretical arguments concerning the state punishment and the justification, than I will proceed to outline the concepts of minor and major offences. What kind of punishment inflicted for those offences? In the final part I will investigate the

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    Laws Laws. We all must obey them, but why? For fear of going to jail, or being fined? Those are the individual effects of civil disobedience, but what happens what is the purpose of law in society? Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau all attempted to interpret the need for laws in society, in order to maintain the good of the whole and the individual. Each of there examination of the need for laws in society arose from the individual's departure from the "state of nature"

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    California labor laws are every employee friendly. California labor laws are more beneficial to the employees than federal labor law; therefore, it supersedes the federal law most of the time. In some cases, however, both federal and California labor laws support each other with certain laws such as harassment, family medical leave, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to name a few. In my career in human resources, I have investigated hundreds of discrimination and harassment claims, specifically

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    of these ways is our contempt refusal to tolerate severe injustice at many levels of society. Just like most problems, injustice starts at the top, and often starts with the people that are supposed to be preventing it. Corrupt police officers and law agencies have been sifting through the sieve of true justice for years, and continue to do so today. From Hitler’s horrifying Gestapo police of the 1940’s to the more recent beating of Rodney King, police officers have abused their powers like a broken

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    Law Personal Statement Aristotle once said" The Law is reason free from passion" meaning the Law is subjective and arbitrary, throughout my academic career I have always believed that Law is a concept which evolves from our logic and reason which are slaves from passion, it is created by what we feel is justice. This quote speaks profoundly out to me, as I passionately believe that Law is supposed to be administrated without passion or favour to either side and to fight for what’s right. As being

  • Law And Contract Law: The Purpose Of Law

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    Law is “that portion of the established habit and thought of mankind which has gained distinct and formal recognition in the shape of uniform rules backed by the authority and power of the Government” Woodrow Wilson. Rules are established by the state and then they are controlled and run by those having legal power in the society. It consists of strict guidelines which run and correct wrong behavior in the society. Those who do not obey the law will be brought to justice and punished .Law must protect

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    p.214) convinced that “law is a major force in the world”. Legal systems possess different characteristics superior to those of others. For instance, international law is concerned with the rights and the duties of States of their relationship with each other and with international organizations. In addition, domestic (national) law, the law within a State, is concerned with the rights and duties of legal persons within the State. Realist scholars believed in polarity of law and power, opposing one

  • Divine Law vs. Law of Man

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    quarrel between the understanding of God’s law versus human law, and how man can be corrupted by attempting altering God’s law. In Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone defies her uncle’s austere orders and buries Polyneices based on her perception that God’s law overpowers man’s law in all circumstances. The overall moral conflicts in the play are between Antigone and her religious beliefs about God’s law, and between Creon and Thebes’ justice system about human law. When an individual is not allowed to be

  • 'Before The Law': Themes of Law and Justice

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    Themes of law and justice are represented in numerous variations in Franz Kafka's The Trial . Most noteworthy are the themes and relations presented in Chapter 9 of the novel. Here, the reader experiences the parable "Vor dem Gesetzt" or "Before the Law." This parable represents a social construction present almost everywhere. Human beings seek out acceptance into various societal constructions and the law is no different. Humans, and specifically Joseph K, attempt to reach a state of understanding

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    in applications of Common Law and UCC. Analysis of the two revealed that Common Law is specific in application since it relates to real estate, services and intangibles contracts. Such contracts exist in construction, personnel and professional industries which are more service oriented. UCC on the other hand, applies to contracts involving sale and purchase of movable products, such as timber, oil, minerals, agricultural products and electronics. Additionally, Common Law has specific provisions through