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    Creative writing involves expression of thoughts through the art of storytelling, character development, narration, and literary devices like poetry. Any form of fiction or nonfiction literature in the form of books, novels, biographies, short stories, or poems can be called creative writing. In schools and universities creative writing is bifurcated as fiction and poetry with emphasis on cultivating unique writing style that is not influenced by existing genres. Creative writing is one of the recent forms of literature that promotes original composition. Unlike other disciplines of writing, creative writing focuses on the writer’s self expression as opposed to just following the rules of the language.

    Creative Writing in Academics

    A standard creative writing course involves a workshop style classroom where a student’s work is reviewed by his/her peers. While some courses focus on tapping into hidden creativity, others focus on technical aspects such as editing, genres, defeating writer’s block,etc. Over the years, creative writing has merged with English degree courses. This has led to a controversy among the purists of English studies. According to them, the study of English language is all about the critical approach to literature, whereas creative writing entails creation of new forms of literature. Even screenwriting and playwriting are considered as a part of creative writing.

    Most common graduate programs in creative writing are Bachelors of Creative Writing and Masters of Creative Writing. Many prestigious universities around the U.S. such as Northwestern University, Brown College, MIT, John Hopkins University, etc, offer courses in creative writing. Some of the famous graduates of creative writing programs are authors like Ian McEwan, Michael Chabon and screenwriters like David Benioff. Unlike other English programs, a degree in creative writing opens doors to opportunities in the film and television industry.

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  • Reflection Of Creative Writing

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    outside the box. Intro to creative writing was a perfect class for me. The class teaches things that makes people think differently, that makes you look at writing in a different perspective. My goal in this class is still wanting to be a great writer. A writer who thinks outside the box, a creative writer. One thing I think to myself is that when I look back, to the first day of this class, I didn’t really understand poetry much. Which made me kind of sad because poetry writing has a

  • Creative Writing Importance

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    Eleanor Pritchett April 29, 2014 Junior Seminar Ms. Gentlesk The Importance of Early Creative Writing Education Reading and writing are basic skills for Americans, and children learn them early. But while they learn how to read and write, these skills aren’t often connected to the emotional, curious, storytelling nature of children. They learn their letters and they read their textbooks and sometimes they learn to diagram sentences; they learn Western plot maps and the components of literature

  • The Importance Of Creative Writing

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    end goal, a journal, that holds such a meaning that even the thought of writing it is frightening. After the two long years of running the race, the end is finally in sight. Every assignment is a beginning to become more meaningful. The beginning of the race was slow, a struggle for balance. We all walked into class that bright September afternoon, and the next time, only a few of us returned. It turned out the creative writing class wasn’t as it was described. We expected it to be just a time for

  • Reflection Of A Creative Writing

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    further my studies and writing ability with a creative writing course so that I might someday hear my stories told. All throughout my life I have been writing stories and telling tales to friends and family. One of my major influences was my grandfather, who told me at a young age: “You can never have enough books” It’s true. Although you may run out of space on your shelves there is no end to the emotions and feelings that a book can portray. I am currently undertaking a writing course online to write

  • Importance Of Creative Writing

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    This creative writing class was one of my favorite classes, if not my favorite class of the semester because it let me expand on my writing and create more stories and poems. The writing assignments were one of my favorite homework assignments to do because I liked having prompts to give me options on what I could write about. I was rather stiff at first when it came to writing, but this class taught me how to be more lucid in my writing, and taught me some new strategies that have helped me better

  • Importance Of Creative Writing

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    privy to such information, and at this point, I’m unsure. For my last semester in college I took a Creative Writing class, and it was one of the greatest academic choices of my life, but it made me question a lot as well. From writing poetry to this last non-fiction piece I wondered if I’m was cut out for the life style of a writer. I began writing when I was young, around the time when my writing was still forming, the letters were slanting off the line, and my syntax worse than it is now. I wrote

  • The Importance Of Creative Writing

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    you to give up because you are the worst writer to ever walk the planet, or that someone will tell you that your writing is boring/dumb/predictable/overly verbose. In my actual experience, most people who offer to help aren’t that way, thankfully. However, the fear is real, and I think that’s what keeps a lot of people from allowing others to see their work, especially with creative writing. Overall, what I got from reading Beach, was that it’s much better to help a student learn skills to better

  • Reflection Of Creative Writing: The Body Of Writing

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    Description The body of work that I have created while completing my daily disciplines of writing (DDW) is of a unique and irregular pattern. After I counted all the days I logged onto my chart, I have written thirty-four DDWs. It was extremely difficult for me to recount the exact number because I inadequately record my daily disciplines. I know that my amount may not be 100% accurate because there were times that I would go weeks without recording a single daily discipline on my log sheet

  • Reflection Of Creative Writing: Writing And Designing

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    Throughout this course, I greatly improved my writing through the projects I did in this course and successfully fulfilled all the course learning outcomes of writing and designing, reading and analyzing, researching and documenting, and the use of technology and media. This course helped me improve my organization in my writing and helped me learn to be more specific to help get the point of what I needed to communicate across faster. The following sections demonstrate how I fulfilled the course