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  • Marketing Concept Of Marketing

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    Introduction Marketing is an important and controversial issue due to several people has variety expression of marketing and it contains numerous activities than most individuals recognise (Kotler, Shaw, FitzRoy & Chandler, 1983). Further, it can be study in different ways and reasons, such as for research, academic use, and business purpose, typically, one of vital purpose of study marketing is to understand marketing as a business philosophy (The Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand

  • Marketing In Global Marketing

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    Marketing is a very broad term, which encompasses all the activities that help businesses in identifying their customers and needs of their target market, utilising all the communication resources in order to target their target market, eventually persuading them to purchase the organisations products and services. It is much broader than the concept of selling, as selling just includes techniques of direct communication used to persuade the customers to buy the products and services of an organisation

  • The Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

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    A marketing campaign is defined as “a specific, defined series activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods” (Entrepreneur, 2016). In order for a business to be successful and grow, business owners have to think of ways to brand their business by marketing, advertising and promoting their products and services effectively (Entrepreneur, 2015). Branding is very important for businesses. For a business to grow and sell their products

  • The Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

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    Marketing concept, displaced and efficient production as a major determinant of the emergence of commercial activities, create more market share and market research, in which the seller attempts to measure consumers are concerned, the benefits of a product (Poulos, 2007, p.4 - 6). By understanding the interests of the consumers demand, competition, the producers can focus on providing specific product advantages, in section of the market, allow other manufacturers to provide the benefits of other

  • Marketing In Digital Marketing

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    Digital marketing is a growing field that “promotes products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media.” Examples of “advertising mediums that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made via the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards, as well as via digital and television and radio channels” ( This method of advertisement makes a digital marketing analyst necessary to help

  • The Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

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    his words. This is the foundation for any lasting relationship if, along the line, you do not become contradictory. In marketing, the value of an offering need to be sustain likewise the message that go with the product. Conversely, this is not always the case. In their effort to overcome this inconsistency notice in some marketing communication messages the integrated marketing and communication concept; a coordination of elements work out to enable marketers deliver a consistent message to consumers

  • The Importance Of Marketing In Marketing

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    Introduction Marketing is basically a term to define the communication of the value of products with customers, and it is an action to promote and sell the products by adverstising with marketing research done. Marketing research links the marketer, customer, consumer and public. Analysis of collected marketing information can be specified for improving the marketing performance (, 2014). There are some marketing practices and marketing mix for the purpose of increase the

  • Marketing Is Marketing

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    Introduction: “Marketing is marketing, irrespective of the product or marketplace”. This is a theme common to many introductory marketing texts and degree courses. The two most common exceptions cited to this proposition are buying behavior models between consumers and business buyers and the extended ingredients of the services marketing mix. While the overall sentiments of marketing hold true across product and market boundaries, perhaps the differences are in fact more marked? Intends to spark

  • Marketing In Healthcare And Marketing

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    Introduction The world keeps changing, and so does healthcare and marketing. The relationship between these two parameters has been studied and continues to be an object of great interest, both in terms of the consumers of this industry and rapidly evolving healthcare service providers. What seems most interesting to me is the fact that, the consumer today is still naïve about how actually this industry markets its services. This tends to happen because health is a matter of concern to each one of

  • Marketing And Memetics In Marketing

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    Marketing and Memetics: An Efficient Intersection When Richard Dawkins first introduced the concept of memes, he probably did not think about its applications in marketing area in a comprehensive way because in a sociological context, using the sense of memetics in marketing is quite a specific activity. While introducing the memes into marketing, the billions of people in the world can be considered as seperated into two groups: the marketers and the customers. Here, the memes organize the relationship