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    We are surrounded by sound – cars honking, birds chirping, fingers tapping, wings flapping, rain beating against window panes, waves dashing against the shore and so on. But music is more than just random sounds; it is an art form wherein a skilful musician puts sound and rhythm together to create a coordinated or unified composition. This purposeful organization of sounds, vibrations and silence is known as music. Music often creates atmosphere and/or expresses specific emotions, experiences and ideas, but is not necessarily pleasant or soothing.

    The following collection of essays discusses music, its various aspects and genres in more detail.

    Music often blends vocal and instrumental sounds arranged according to cultural (hence subjective) standards of rhythm and melody. It can be categorized as art music (Western classical music, Indian classical music, folk or traditional music) and popular or “pop” music (rock, jazz, rhythm & blues, dubstep, techno, country, hip hop, etc.) But all these forms of music have two things in common – they are human creations that appeal to the auditory sense – regardless of the style or period of history they belong to.

    Studies have shown that music, especially classical music, has various benefits – It aids mental development in children and adults, as well as improves memory, mood, concentration and motivation.

    The history of music is thousands of years old and can be traced back to prehistoric human cultures. Archaeologists have discovered the earliest prototypes of the drum and the flute dating back to the Palaeolithic Age. The ancient Egyptians and Africans used music for religious ceremonies and rituals. Despite sometimes being perceived as a mere superfluity, unnecessary to human existence, music is as popular today as it was when Palaeolithic man carved his first flute from animal bone.

    The following compilation of essays on music discuss the topic in greater detail.

  • Music And The Music Of Music

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    At an early age my father would always play music in his car of CD’s and his iPod. He’d play anything from Kraftwerk to The Cars we would almost never listen to the radio. At the time the music meant nothing to me I didn 't feel it or understand it it kind of was just another ambiance. However one day when he was taking me to school and the song “Cowboys from hell” by Pantera came on and at that moment my musical interest sparked. Little did i know at that time but that one song would lead me into

  • Music : Music And Music

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    Music comes in many forms. Whether if it is rock, pop, instrumental, indie, country, jazz, or another genre, everyone has a favorite. Music can be used to express oneself and bring enjoyment to life. Music can be live or recorded. Live and recorded music have many differences and similarities that can be noticed and loved depending on the listener. Live music can be expensive, but the experience is full of entertainment and emotion. Recorded music can be cheap, but vocals and sounds are edited in

  • Music Appreciation : Music And Music

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    For me personally, music appreciation is defined as looking at different pieces of music and musical forms, and learning to find appreciation for them. This appreciation is formed not only by listening to several pieces of music, but by learning to understand what you may be listening too. This involves introducing yourself to many pieces of music and learning to interpret, what makes each piece different and unique. Understanding the historical background and societal changes that have taken

  • Music Effects On The Music

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    Music Effects… When thinking about music one might not think twice about it. Yet, it is a form of art that connects with people in many ways. People are surrounded by music in their everyday life, whether it’s from taking the elevator up to work in the morning, or using headphones just to be secluded from the noisy world. People also listen to music daily, during their every day routines; carting around smart phones, carrying gigabytes of music. Some listen to music intentionally, for instance while

  • Music And Music Essay

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    Music has been affecting society throughout history. Music has been around since the beginning of time. The influence of music on modern society can be easily seen today. It has been proven that music has many influences on humans in positive and negative ways. Music has been proven to alter a person’s mood, and has shown to cause physical responses in many people simultaneously. The mind is able to concentrate better, as the body becomes more relaxed and alert. Technology has greatly affected the

  • Essay On Music And Music

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    Music and its Effects Music dates back many centuries ago. Music was used for an array of things. In some cases, it was used for rituals, to pass messages, or even for celebrations. There are approximately five to six hundred genres of music currently in existent today. Most music would have been said to originate or birth from folk music in America and evolved overtime to form different genres of music. Music has a long history and connection to human beings and their behavior. Music can also affect

  • Music And Familiarity In Music

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    Music according to Merriam Webster dictionary can be defined as “the science and art of ordering tones in succession, combination, and in temporal relationships to produce having unity and continuity. The dictionary made me understand that for music to be meaningful, it must have an agreeable sound. Music depicts a lot of information, ideas, knowledge and importantly feelings. People who make or produce music definitely have a way they feel before they begin to sing or before they make a decision

  • The Music Of Christian Music

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    Inspirational Christian music, more commonly termed Contemporary Christian music happens to dominate the listening genre of worshipers in Christianity. This genre has evolved over time to accommodate younger listeners, and the key to this success is the incorporation of popular or modern elements of other song genres like pop, rock and other non-classified Christian music. Contemporary Christian music in actuality “boast of its reach to younger listening audiences with peculiar and unconventional

  • Music And Music: The Influence Of Music On The Brain

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    Music has been said to affect a persons brain in many ways. It is said to change someone's mood in an instant. It has also been known to influence someone's lifestyle and attitude just by listening to one song. Music is universal and there is a style for everyone no matter how different people maybe. It is an outlet for creativity and motivation. Music moves people in so many ways and can help people through anything. Almost everyone enjoys music and it is a force that brings people together.