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    Wong defined classroom management as, “the practises and procedures that allow teachers to teach and students to learn” (Starr, 2005). Harry K. Wong also describes that classroom managements is something that refers to all of the necessary things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that learning can occur efficiently. This management includes fostering students’ full participation, plus their overall commitment and contribution in the productive classroom activities

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    This is because he has a problem in developing communication skills as he stares blankly when told to get to work. So in order to help Danish, Mr Andy needs to understand Danish condition. It is stated in The Albert Model, that the key to good classroom behaviour lies in close cooperation between teacher and student. So Mr Andy should give more attention to him like slowly build up his communication skill by imitating and keep praising him when he did well. Besides Mr Andy also should establish

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    INTRODUCTION What is classroom management? Classroom management is the most important aspect that the teachers have to manage on to make sure that the teaching and learning process run smoothly despite disruptive behaviour by students. Can we imagine how the teaching and learning process can run smoothly if the teacher cannot control the classroom well? According to Bellon, Bellon and Blank (1992), “the term ‘classroom management’ and ‘discipline’ are often used interchangeably’. To make sure that

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    hyperactive person are placed with other high ability children without the disorder, they may find the advanced maturity of their classmates a challenge they are ill prepared for. So most probably this is the reason why Ani has behaved like that in the classroom. The other thing, most probably the lesson process that’s been conducted by Mr Andy is a bit boring to the students cause them to misbehave. STRATEGIES Mr Andy is already taking a few steps to overcome the problem like he moved Danish’s desk

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    By definition; Classroom management: a term used by teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. Classroom management is a very big part of teaching, almost as big as the lesson itself. From my experiences most classes that have EBD and students with disabilities, you may have 5 students with special needs, 3 students that need to make up work, 3 disruptive students, 2 students with ADHD, 3 students who don’t have their

  • Philosophy of Classroom Management

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    about classroom management and how I would use my beliefs in my ideal classroom someday. The beliefs I have on classroom management have developed over a period of classroom observations and also from my Classroom Management course at Manchester College. In this document I have laid out what my personal beliefs are with classroom management, my top ten beliefs on classroom management, the routines and procedures to be implemented into my classroom, how I plan on implementing my management plan

  • My Classroom Management Plan

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    Classroom Management Plan Building a strong, successful and caring relationship with my students is the backbone of my classroom management plan. My philosophy is that when there is mutual respect between me and my students, my class will run most smoothly. My experience has shown me that when the students respect and like their teacher, they perform the best for them. Therefore, by building this rapport with them, I prevent management problems and create a more pleasant environment for me

  • Classroom Management and the Instrumental Music Classroom

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    mind when you hear the words “classroom management”? Many people think of a school classroom in utter chaos: students socializing during work time, projectiles flying across the room, a fight breaking out in the corner, and a helpless teacher wondering, “where did I go wrong?”. Eggen and Kauchak (2007) cite classroom management as the primary concern of preservice teachers (p. 369), and I am no exception to this citation. I am very excited to teach in a classroom someday, but confess my concern

  • A Personal Experience in Classroom Management

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    During my Professional Seminar II and Field Experience I observed in Mary Doe’s 4th grade classroom. During this observation I witnessed the effects of a learning environment that was designed by the students for the students. I was exposed to a classroom that was very diverse and learned the importance of teaching for learner differences. Not are students are the same and when the needs of a classroom are not being met the students can quickly become frustrated and deterred from learning. When

  • Classroom Management Philosophy

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    Abstract My classroom management philosophy will include the following. I will aim to provide a classroom where my students are treated equally. I will not put my students down or label them with a behavior problem. I believe that every child has a right to learn in my classroom. I believe that every teacher has a right to teach in a safe environment with out outside interference. I believe that classroom management should be creative, will keep my students safe and be based on trust not

  • Classroom Management And Misbehavior Problems In The Classroom

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    observations, the third problem and another new teachers’ big challenge is classroom management. The new teachers are particularly unprepared for dealing with behavior problems in their classrooms. Per Melnick & Meister (2008, p.3), “Teachers with three years or fewer on the job are more than twice as likely as teachers with more experience (19 percent versus 7 percent) to say that student behavior is a problem in their classrooms.” According to the article, many beginning teachers responded that their

  • Classroom Management Plan

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    Classroom management, the scariest aspect of teaching in the eyes of many teachers; yet I feel prepared and excited to embark on this journey and test my theories in a real classroom. Classroom managements means the way in which a classroom is set up; including, but not limited to, the physical set-up, the rules and guidelines, the teacher personality, and the consequences of rule breaking or misbehavior. In my opinion, the classroom is meant to be fun but have very specific strong guidelines

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    There are many different ways to run a successful and effective classroom. Numerous people have tried to give me the best advice for making things work, but ultimately it will be my choice to decide what works best for me. By assessing the students' needs, I will be able to provide a curriculum and classroom environment that will hopefully motivate their learning. In assessing my own needs, I can make the proper actions necessary to make sure that those needs are met. Rules and consequences fall

  • My Philosophy of Classroom Management

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    A.     Theoretical Introduction My philosophy of classroom management is that the management of elementary classrooms require several things.  Among patience, determination and motivation are: flexibility, careful planning and consistency.  A well-managed classroom did not get well-managed without a teacher who planned, had a flexible vision and was determined.  Any new teacher, who is asked, will say they want a classroom with as few behavioral problems as possible as well as one that is easily

  • Classroom Management Plan Paper

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    In the development of the classroom management plan, the overarching goal was to identify and target a behavior the person creating the plan exhibited. I choose to discuss interrupting others as my target behavior. I choose this behavior due to it being a common classroom disruption, as well as having an influence on social interactions. While developing this plan, I focused on the antecedent and the function of the behavior. I identified the antecedent as others speaking, and the function as positive

  • My Classroom Management Plan

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    Many of us tend to equate classroom management with discipline (and for that matter, to equate discipline with punishment, but that's another story). I see classroom management as the processes and procedures that are in place to mitigate the need for punishment, leaving discipline to cleave to its roots of "to follow." Anything else is not classroom management. It’s damage control. Classroom management starts, for me, with very clear expectations, and firmly established procedures. I begin the

  • My Classroom Management Plan

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    I have spent many hours researching, discussing, and experiencing different ways to manage a classroom. Cleveland State University has given me the opportunity to focus a lot of time on developing my own philosophy of teaching and how I will manage my own classroom. I will incorporate my personality into my classroom, while focusing on concepts from theorists Jacob Kounin, Fredrick Jones, Rudolf Dreikurs and Linda Albert, Lee Canter and Marlene Canter, William Glasser, B.F. Skinner, Haim Ginott,

  • Classroom Management Plan Analysis

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    Creating and Maintaining an efficient classroom environment for students can be a difficult task to accomplish. With the amount of distractions and behavioral issues teacher encounter on a daily basis, it becomes essential to prepare and try to prevent them. Our goal for students is for them to receive the most optimal opportunity for learning while spending minimal time disciplining and managing. In order to do so we must hold ourselves accountable as teachers for establishing order and also the

  • Reflection: A Classroom Management Plan

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    to demonstrate mastery on the assignment in Module 1. Module 1 content were readings from the IRIS website. The content I read related to the importance of having a classroom management plan. Some of the content I was introduced were procedures, delivering negative and positive consequences, classroom rules, and surface management strategies. After reading the IRIS module, I was able to complete the assignment for module 1 with ease. The assignment questions were well written and I was able to

  • My Classroom Management Philosophy

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    learning of mathematics are very important to a successful math classroom, one of the most important aspects that creates a good learning environment is classroom management. Without a classroom that is organized and disciplined, learning is close to impossible. This is why I believe that it is imperative that a teacher begins a classroom with a well thought out management plan. I think that this plan should just provide a base for the classroom, and should be structured around prevention, respect and