Capstone Essays

  • Senior Capstone

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    Senior Capstone Observations I visited the Ronald McDonald House on September 15, to meet a family that was staying there because they had a very ill child. I was there to interview Mr. and Mrs. Davis who’s had their five-year-old son, John was at Children’s Mercy Hospital. The Davis family was there because John has leukemia and needed chemotherapy. When I first met John, I was at a loss for words. I saw a five-year-old boy that didn’t have any hair (like me) and was thin like a cable

  • Capstone Experiences in Career and Technical Education

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    Capstone Experiences in Career and Technical Education Capstones are culminating experiences in which students synthesize subject-matter knowledge they have acquired, integrate cross-disciplinary knowledge, and connect theory and application in preparation for entry into a career (Fairchild and Taylor 2000). Durel (1993) evocatively describes them as a "rite of passage" or "liminal threshold" through which participants change their status from student to graduate. A capstone course should be both

  • Curricular Aims: Assessment of University Capstone

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    Curricular Aims: Assessment of University Capstone Albert North Whitehead (1929) believed that the raison d’etre of universities was neither for the imparting of knowledge nor for the opportunity for research. Cheaper alternatives for both were and are available to achieve those functions. Instead, he asserted. The justification for a university is that it preserves the connections between knowledge and the zest of life, by uniting the young and the old in the imaginative consideration

  • The Washington Monument

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    The building progressed well until the civil war. At this time construction was halted for almost 25 years. This left the unfinished obelisk standing 150 feet. Finally, on August 2, 1876, President Grant ordered the completion of the monument. The capstone was placed on the monument on December 6, 1884 and it was finally dedicated on February 21, 1885. Elevators were first powered by a steam hoist. The current elevator was installed in 195... ... middle of paper ... the ancient Egyptians

  • Career Passports and Career Portfolios

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    employers; the resulting Career Passport provided employers with critical information to supplement the information in school transcripts or even resumes. The Ohio Individual Career Plan (ICP) and Career Passport. The Ohio Career Passport is the capstone of students' career decision-making process, begun before the ninth grade (Gahris n.d.) The planning and decision making involved in the ICP process lead to each student's Career Passport, an individual credential housing an array of formal documents

  • capstone

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    "Only 5% of women in the United States naturally posses the body type portrayed in the media."( ) Everyday young women and teens are surrounded by media, whether it's magazines, television, radio, or newspapers. The media has a big impact on our every day lives and can take a negative toll. Teens and young women look up to the women that they see and hear about in media. They see different haircuts, outfits, and different body types that influence them, and the people in charge of media know this

  • Capstone Reflection

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    Completing a capstone project has been truly been a figurative capstone to my undergraduate education. Through this experience, I have not only been able to integrate many of my intellectual interests, but I have also learned skill that will help me in my future pursuits in education and a career. I have gained insight on how to work and communicate with other researchers across multiple locations, the general research process, and how to disseminate findings through writing and formal presentations

  • capstone

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    Technology has done a complete 360. From phones taking half of a coffee table to one that that fits in its corner. Phones aren’t the only change, the internet as well. There was a time when the internet didn’t exist. When it did come about only words existed on the internet page. Now there are interactive pictures or whatever a person can think of. As the internet evolved so have students. Teen students now can operate almost any technology device they can get their hands on. Plus, the internet provides

  • Capstone Reflection

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    Over all, I felt that I had a meaningful and positive experience with the capstone course. I feel that this journey has helped and opened my eyes to the importance of researching, reviewing literatures, and applying the best available evidence to improve the patient outcome and provide higher quality of care to all my patients. If not for this capstone course, I am certain that I would have never attempted to find solution to my chosen evidence based nursing problem. The requirement of this course

  • Capstone Proposal

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    My Capstone Proposal Project will be about sleep disturbances associated with cardiac surgery patients. One of the major complaints from the cardiac surgery population is the inability to sleep at night. My proposed strategy consists of the idea that by increasing nursing education and intervention there will be a reduction in sleep disturbances for the cardiac surgery population. Section A: Problem Identification My Capstone Proposal Project will be about sleep disturbances associated with cardiac

  • Capstone Proposal

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    Analyzing Research Studies My Capstone Proposal Project will be about sleep disturbances associated with cardiac surgery patients. I will be using the qualitative research method for my problem solving approach. My research approach is supported and established in data, otherwise known as the grounded theory (Keele, 2011, p. 47). The qualitative research study I will critically analyze for my Capstone Proposal Project is called Improving Sleep after Open Heart Surgery – Effectiveness of Nursing

  • Capstone In Healthcare

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    Martin Pointer 31 March 2017 HA499 Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration Unit #9 Introduction. The analysis developed, studied, and recorded in this document will cover the various operating procedures, business practices, and reasoning methods that impact and influence how ST Jude Children’s Hospital provides healthcare treatment and medical attention. It will attempt to provide a clear and concise message about the three sections pertaining to this project. ST

  • Capstone Assignment

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    As a student at Temple University, one is required to TAKE classes apart of the Intellectual Heritage Program in order to receive an undergraduate degree. The argument persists as to whether or not the Intellectual Heritage Program is a necessary part of a student’s general undergraduate education. Through my experience in taking both IH 851 and IH 852 programs, I found that the Intellectual Heritage Program administered a number of benefits, as well as flaws concerning the education that I gained

  • Capstone Essay

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    China has seen many changes throughout the course of their development, yet one aspect about their culture has tended to see continuity over the centuries. The practice of ancestor veneration has been present for thousands of years in Chinese culture. Looking at this single theme from China in 1600 compared to earlier periods, it is not hard to see that China has seen great continuity when it comes to honoring their ancestors. Religion, politics, and the economics of China may have changed over the

  • Capstone Proposal Paper

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    My Capstone Proposal Project will be about sleep disturbances associated with cardiac surgery patients. My proposed strategy consists of the idea that by increasing nursing education and intervention there will be a reduction in sleep disturbances for the cardiac surgery population. There are many reasons why surgeons, quality improvement groups, and even nursing associations, such as Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association, would be interested in my Capstone Proposal Project. For example

  • Capstone Reflection Paper

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    The first nine weeks of Network Security in Capstone significantly influenced my project idea and final project outlay. The entirety of the Java server-client network allowed the conceptual initiation that founded what I truly was interested in pursuing as my Capstone project. My initial project ideas were slightly sporadic and variations of two separate main ideas of hacking or networking. The less feasible option to develop my own hacking application lacked my personal motivation and experience

  • Nursing Capstone Experience

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    healthcare that may change on a day to day basis. One cannot be taught all possible situations in the nursing field, and a capstone clinical experience may open our eyes to a fraction of the situations. On the job site and in the field, leadership may be taught and learned. (Curtis, Vries, & Sheerin, 2011) Observed Leadership The leadership I have observed throughout my capstone experience is endless. Every day there are opportunities for a member of the clinical team to take

  • Reflective Plan For Capstone

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    Introduction As student nurses, I have many goals that would like to achieve upon completion of 150 hours of my capstone course. My plan is to use this opportunity to demonstrate competency skills, and knowledge gained through previous quarters. I have listed seven learning goals that I wanted to achieve during the capstone experience. On my first day of capstone, I have gone over each one with my preceptor and requested from her to provide me with feedbacks, so I can use them as stepping tool to

  • Capstone Report

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    When graphic design began, it was much simpler than it is today. Most people consider graphic design to be done only on computers and fancy operating systems, when in fact graphic design in much more complex than that. Graphic design has its roots in early caveman drawings using stone, organic paints and charcoal. Since these early humans had no to little verbal communication, logic dictates that they would have to communicate instead with a plethora of symbols and graphic representations of ideas

  • Capstone Project

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    An economic management issue in the public sector is unemployment (or joblessness) occurs when individuals are without work and actively applying and looking for work. The unemployment rate is a measure of the prevalence of redundancy and it is calculated as a percentage by dividing the quantity of those unemployed by all individuals currently in the labor force. Throughout periods of recession, an economy usually encounters a relatively high unemployment rate. According to International Labor Organization