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    The Black Death was an extensive epidemic that spread across Europe from 1346 to 1353, killing over an estimated one-third of Europe’s entire population (Medieval World 56). Although historians are not entirely sure of its origin, the Black Death spread quickly across both Europe and Asia with a death toll that augmented rapidly. The plague also had unusual and deadly symptoms, causing “panic everywhere, with men and women knowing no way to stop death except to flee from it” (Kohn 28). The chaos

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    Imagine loosing seventy five percent of your country to a disease, do you even think that is possible? Europe can tell you it is, after loosing at least one third of their population to the Black Death. The Bubonic Plague , also known as Black Death is the most deadly plaque that has ever occurred to date. The Black Death originally came from Central Asia, but spread to Europe and the Mediterranean. Most of the plague was at Gobi - Desert in Mongolia around the 1320’s (ARMICHAEL, ANN). Discoveries about

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    In the years 1331 to 1350 all of Europe broke out in an epidemic, called the Black Death. This terrible sickness murdered about one third of all the people in Europe, it spread, and killed quickly. People’s lives were changed drastically; they were scared to go outside in fear of catching the gross disease. The Black Death spread rapidly through Europe having significant impacts on society. The Black Death started in China in 1331; it was then carried across the Asian caravan to southern Russia

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    The Black Death The Black Death, the most severe epidemic in human history, ravaged Europe from 1347-1351. This plague killed entire families at a time and destroyed at least 1,000 villages. Greatly contributing to the Crisis of the Fourteenth Century, the Black Death had many effects beyond its immediate symptoms. Not only did the Black Death take a devastating toll on human life, but it also played a major role in shaping European life in the years following. The Black Death consisted mainly

  • The Black Death

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    The Black Death The Black Death was undoubtedly one of the most devastating diseases that occurred during the middle ages. The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, was a world-wide epidemic that caused the death of more than 20 million people throughout Europe (Velenzdas). The people of this time period were clueless as to the cause of the plague, but were well aware of the tell-tale symptoms that accompanied infection. There were many "cures" for the outbreaks

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    This paper will explore the plague commonly referred to as the Black Death, in which devastated Europe in the year 1348. This will be done through comparing and contrasting the views of two scholars who propagate different views concerning the plague. Different historians have endeavored to explain what precisely, may have caused the plague, with theories that range from bubonic plague to influenza or anthrax. The appearance, management, as well as attitudes linked to an explicit illness are influenced

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    Europe. A ravaging pestilence spread at an alarming rate through city and countryside alike. Beginning as a tiny spark in Genoa, the wildfire that was the Black Death enveloped nearly all of Europe, from Italy to Britain, in a span of about three years (C. Kohn, 25). Up to 38 million lives were claimed in less than a decade, distinguishing the Black Death one of the worst pandemics in human history (C. Kohn, 25). The disease behind this catastrophe has seldom been rivaled by another. But what was this

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    The Black Death            It is impossible to discuss Europe’s history without mentioning the Plague of 1348, also known as the Black Death. The Black Death reached Italian shores in the spring of 1348. The presence of such a plague was enormously devastating making its mark in unprecedented numbers in recorded history. According to records, it is estimated to have killed a third of Europe’s population. The Black Death was caused by bacteria named Yersinia Pestis. This germ was transferred from

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    The Black Death Every year millions of people die. People die either from natural causes or from another source like murder. Cancer and AIDS are the number one diseases leading to death in the 21st century. (Jueneman 1) However, they have not always been the leading diseases. Around as early as 542 AD, a deadly disease broke out in Constaniople and quickly spread around the world within a few hundred years. This disease in considered the worst natural disaster

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    The Black Death took place in Europe during the fourteenth century. To the people of the time, facts about the disease were unknown until people started to notice problems that other people were having. The Black Death or “plague” that killed thousands in the fourteenth century may have evolved into a more modern version of itself. The “plague” is known as the “Yersinia pestis” bacteria, which is a rare zoonotic disease. These diseases are spread from animal to human (Newquist 239, Adamloakun M