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    Social Work

    Social work is a field of study as well as a noble profession that strives for the physical, emotional, and social welfare of individuals, families, and communities. A social worker uses an amalgamation of studies such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, public health, economics, and political welfare to identify the social problems plaguing a person or a community. He/she then offers practical solutions that have the potential to change lives. Social work stems from philanthropic initiatives such as the charity events hosted by religious groups. But now, there are plenty of government institutions and NGOs that indulge in social work of varying causes.

    Functions of a Social Worker

    There are seven steps every social worker must engage in to improve the social well-being of people in need. The first step is engagement that involves initial interaction with the subject to create a fruitful dialog of awareness in future. The next function of a social worker is to gather data from ground zero and make an assessment by studying the data. Once the problem has been identified through assessment, the social worker then formulates a plan to implement changes that would lead to betterment of lives. The fourth step is implementation of the plan. It is the most action-oriented function of a social worker as it involves gathering of resources, allocation of tasks, performing the tasks etc. The job of a social worker doesn’t end after implementing the change. The next step is to monitor the change to review if it is indeed the positive change that would benefit the subjects. Once the change has been evaluated, it is time to iron out any chinks in the armor through counselling, encouragement, spreading awareness, etc. The last step is gradual disengagement where the role of the social worker is replaced by a leader or a group of leaders from the community.

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    This essay will discuss social divisions; social exclusion and social inclusion, of which there are many definitions and interpretations. Social divisions and Social exclusion has been around for many years. Social exclusion was first noticed in France in 1970s in relation to people who fell outside the range of the social insurance system, such as disabled people, lone parents and the young unemployed (Townsend and Kennedy, 2004). Before 1997 Social exclusion was referred to as ‘poverty’, which

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    673 Words  | 3 Pages defines homelessness as the state or condition of having no home (especially the state of living in the streets), people without homes considered as a group, having no home or haven. The homeless are the most noticeable of America’s social tribulations. You can see homeless individuals everywhere in cities, town, suburbs, and rural areas. Believe it or not everyone has a reason to why they are homeless. Well if that is the case, why do many individuals choose to be homeless is the question

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    careers to choose from becoming a social worker may be one of the best. It provides the chance to learn new skills, and the reward of helping others. First of all, when people choose a career, they have to know how to attain the proper requisites for that profession. Such as, educational requirements, training, experience, and skills that are needed. An associate’s degree must be obtained before moving on to a higher degree. In order to enter the field of social work, a bachelor’s degree is required

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    Social Work It was the shrill ringing of my pager that jarred me out of the deep sleep I had been enjoying. The clock beside my bed read 3:30 as I fumbled around in the dark, reaching for the insistent pager. As I saw the code that flashed on its tiny screen, my heart sank. I thought of the sleet that had been falling as I had fallen asleep a few hours before, and of the warmth of my cozy bed. The very last thing I wanted to do at that moment was to get up and go out in the cold. Unfortunately

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    Title: The consumer in-home provider satisfaction survey. Problem Statement: The practicum agency that I work at is the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging which is located in downtown Pittsburgh. The purpose of my agency is to help senior citizens over the age of 60, who need services. I work in the PDA waiver (Pennsylvania Department of Aging) section that is made up of eight caseworkers, two typists, and one supervisor. My department’s mission is to provide current information of services and

  • Social Work In Social Care

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    Social work is a multifaceted, ever adapting profession, which has had many purposes and identities through the years. It is imperative for the vocation to constantly evolve alongside the social climate and the new ways in which we identify and treat those who are in need of support. Social workers can be required to take on the role of counsellor, advocate, case-worker, partner, assessor of risk and need, and at times (as the government seeks to push social work further and further towards the

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    Social work is of great significance worldwide aiming to bring about social change and development, cohesiveness within the society, empowerment and liberation of people, particularly those who are in need (International Federation of Social Workers & International Association of School of Social Work (IFSW & IASSW), 2014). The basic functions of social work includes Restoration, Provision of resources and Prevention. A Social Worker can be defined as an individual who is trained and qualified in

  • Social Work As A Social Worker

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    source that is when a social worker may become involved depending on the circumstance. The broad definition of social work is work carried out by trained personnel with the aim of alleviating the conditions of those in need of aid or welfare (Google 2015). There are multitudinous amounts of different types of social workers, these are just seven types of social workers’ child welfare, child or adult protective services social workers, school social workers, healthcare social workers, and military

  • Social Work: Justifying The Justice Behind Social Work

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    Justifying the Justice behind Social Work It takes a very distinct individual to be a social worker as this field of study is quite brutal quite frequently. Social Work is enormously demanding emotionally, the pay is average, the daily challenges that must be met, often the work conditions are odd; but these are all responsibilities that I am willing to endure. Having seen and been through a great deal myself, this career seems feasible. I am quite passionate about people and strongly believe that