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  • Critique On Keynes

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    History of Economic Thought: The writer begins with an introduction in which it is stated that the schools of thought were contradictory in their theories. What should have been answered is how and from what perspective: Neo-classical or Keynesian? The main points of her paper are the following: "Neo-classicists, such as Friedman, hold that the U.S. failed to provide liquidity to its banks," which caused the great depression; if the government does not intervene, the economy would then head

  • A Critique of The Giver

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    A Critique of The Giver The purpose of this book was to show us a possible version of a "Utopia". It  was a fantasy oriented book, that was suppose to make you think about the possibilities for the future.  The setting is a supposedly perfect society where everyone is taken care of and no one is different.  The author Lois Lowry does a fine job portraying this supposedly "ideal" society. This book began with a description of sameness and release the two general principles the society

  • Documentary Critique

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    This is a critique of" Roger And Me", a documentary by Michael Moore. This is a film about a city that at one time had a great economy. The working class people lived the American dream. The majority of people in this town worked at the large GM factory. The factory is what gave these people security in their middle working class home life. Life in the city of Flint was good until Roger Smith the CEO of GM decided to close the factory. This destroyed the city. Violent crime became the highest in

  • Scarlet Critique

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    The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was written in 1850. It was based on the Puritans of the 1600's, which were revived in Hawthorne's era. Hawthorne descended from Puritan heritage and harbored a sense of guilt and hatred for their way of life. He used many themes and literary techniques in The Scarlet Letter including symbolism and irony. He emphasized the individual's role in the community and the role of women in society. Hawthorne used romanticism as opposed to the classical correctness

  • sphere critique

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    Sphere Sphere is an interesting story about a group of scientists from different disciplines who are brought to a super-secret underwater site where the U. S. Navy has discovered a mysterious, glowing sphere. Although the movie was very interesting, a lot of scientific facts, it was just too long and there were parts of the film where I found myself yawning. I give the movie a thumb up for being the movie my teacher chose to show the class. Although the movie was directed by Barry Levinson and

  • Critique of Parallel Lives

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    Critique of Parallel Lives I viewed Parallel Lives on April 12th 2002 in the Charles Johnson Theatre. Before the show even started I was ready for it to end. A play was the last place I wanted to be on this Friday night. Although promptly at 7:30 the lights went down and the music was turned up. As I studied the program of the play, I saw "Based on the Kathy and Mo Show", and wondered just who they were. Kathy Najimy co-stared in Sister Act in 1992, and Mo Gaffney has been in a long line

  • Heidegger's Critique of Cartesianism

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    has been neglected. I wish to address the question by focusing on the major aspects of Heidegger's critique of Cartesian philosophy and the modern tradition. I will first show that the strength of his criticism lies in its all-encompassing penetration of the foundations of modern philosophy, running through both the ontological and epistemological channels. Ontologically, Heidegger presents a critique of subjectivism; epistemologically, he discredits the correspondence conception of truth and its underlying

  • Critique for Esporta Website

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    Critique for Esporta Website [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Layout The above pictures are two screen shots that I downloaded of the website The first picture is the front page of the website. This is very effective as a front page because the page using a colour contrast of bright orange and white attracts the person to keep reading through the website, where as the second screenshot is the introduction page to there website, is not as effective because it has not been thought

  • Critique La Ventura

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    Critique La Ventura La Ventura is widely regarded as one of the greatest films to date. Michelangelo Antonioni didn’t win the Palme D’or, but it did get a Special Jury Prize during the Cannes film festival of 1960. No surprise he didn’t win the Palme D’or, but why give him an award in the first place? The reason for winning the title seemed unclear at first because the film had serious issues with breaking the rules of standardized filmmaking. For example having his actors enter the scene from

  • Pirates Of Penzance - Critique

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    Pirates of Penzance - Critique The Pirates of Penzance was an opera performed by the Southwest Texas Opera Workshop. The Pirates of Penzance, composed by Gilbert & Sullivan, is a light-hearted parody of the traditional opera. This opera takes place somewhere in the British Virgin Islands. It is about a boy, Federic, who is to be apprenticed by his nurse, Ruth, to become a pilot. Ruth mistakes the word pilot for pirate and apprentices him to a band of pirates. She, too, remains with them as a maid-of-all-work