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  • George Washington

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    George Washington was the first person of the United States of America to hold the office of president. George Washington was an American by blood and by heart. Being a leader of such a country is not easy, as it requires hard work and confidence. Washington had to endure many hardships but he met many challenges. With no one to follow as a role model, George Washington served this country for many years. George Washington was born a leader and grew up good-mannered and for this he became the first

  • The George Washington

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    Through the many obstacles, America has experienced; George Washington helped this free country become united and created by the people for the people. We know and call him by the title of the Founding Father of the United States. In three important ways, Washington helped shape the beginning of our evolving civilization. For instance, he commanded the Continental Army that won American Independence from Great Britain, known as the Revolutionary War. He was also nominated the president the U.S. Constitutional

  • George Washington

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    George Washington - The Father of Our Country Why has George Washington earned the title "Father of our Country"? He was a great military leader and served as a general in the Revolutionary War. Washington was very involved in setting up the government of the United States and served as the first President. He is the most honored of any President and there are many things that help us remember him often. With all he has contributed to the success of our country, he certainly deserves this title

  • George Washington

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    George Washington George Washington is known as the man who brought America to victory in the Revolutionary War. Washington led the Continental Army in many battles, although there were multiple strings of defeats before any victories. During the war, he successfully crossed the icy Delaware River in the middle of the night preparing for attack against British mercenaries. It was the day after Christmas when they attacked. Towards the end of the war, the battle of Yorktown struck. George Washington’s

  • George Washington

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    surrender to Great Britain. However, George Washington was not settling with anything less than trying their best. He kept that little flicker of hope that was still left, alive. The Continental Congress did not see much hope in the war either and turned the responsibility of the war to General George Washington. Washington received a message from Congress saying, “Full power to direct all things relative… to the operations of war.” (Dupuy 63-64). Although Washington did not see this as much of an honor

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    A Great Leader : George Washington A war veteran, leader, and first president of the United States of America, George Washington was one of our greatest leaders of all time. As one of the founding fathers, George Washington lived during the era of struggle and colonization. As the first President of our country, Washington learned valuable skills as a young boy, became a war hero, and set the standard for the future leaders of the United States of America. On February 22, 1732 one of the greatest

  • George Washington

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    George Washington, we’ve all heard of him but few people can fully understand him and what he did for our great country. He is said to have had wooden teeth, but he really didn’t, they were just cow’s teeth and ivory. They were less comfortable than wood though, and they distorted the shape of his mouth. One of George Washington’s many quotes was this “ It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”(George Washington)(Brainy Quote) George Washington was born on February

  • George Washington

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    George Washington George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 on Popes Creek Farm in Westmoreland County, Virginia. The family George was born into consisted of his father, Augustine Washington, his mother, Mary Washington, and five brothers and sisters: Betty, Samuel, John Augustine, Charles and Mildred. There were also three other older children from his father's first marriage to Jane Butler, who died in 1729: thirteen year-old Lawrence, twelve year-old Augustine and nine year-old

  • Bipgraphy of George Washington

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    Yes, George Washington was our first president so he had to be a good leader, but everybody struggles. Of course, this did apply to George Washington and he was still the best man to begin our country’s government. To discover the details, however, investigation and explanation is required. Born in 1732 at Wakefield Plantation in Virginia, George Washington became his father’s eldest of six children in his second marriage. His father did his best to provide him with tutors and private schools

  • George Washington and America

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    George Washington Thesis Statement: George Washington is a hero because he stood up for his ideal that America should be free from England, and create a new form of government which would be fair and equitable. Even in the darkest of times, he never gave up and managed to maintain social and political order within the colonies. Preliminary Outline Introduction English - American Relationship The Townsend acts Continental Congress Washington is appointed commander in chief of Continental

  • George Washington As A Hero

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    Couture 5/23/14 George Washington An American Hero The definition of a hero is someone who can overcome great challenges as a leader. George Washington is an American hero who meets this definition. He was a person with traits such as leadership, courage, and a successful independent life. To begin, George Washington’s leadership was exceptional. As a matter of fact, he was America’s first president. He served two terms from 1789-1797 ("George Washington." Washington didn’t really

  • Influence Of George Washington

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    George Washington has influenced the United States in many positive ways as the first president of the United States. Washington was molded into a great leader at a young age through his life experiences. He helped unite the people and helped organize the country through his great leadership skills. Washington served in the American Revolution as a leader for the continental army before he became president. George was a war hero and a role model for the United States. George Washington was born

  • George Washingtons Life

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    George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. George Washington inherited much more than a good mind and a strong body. He belonged to an old colonial family that believed in hard work, public service and in worshiping God. Washington's father, Augustine Washington was born in 1694 and died in 1743. He had four children with his first wife, Jane Butler Washington. She died in 1729. In March 1731, Augustine married Mary Ball. She was George's mother. Mary was

  • George Washington Qualities

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    George Washington: You probably know him as the first president of the United States. I know him as a very effective leader of the country’s military, and a hard worker as well. Not only was he a great president, but he was also a successful leader in the military on many occasions as well. Therefore, the three qualities that made George Washington an effective leader were how much he was willing to sacrifice for the country, being so confident, & respectableness. George Washington was willing

  • George Washington Biography

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    George Washington was born February 22, 1732. He was elected as the first president by the Electoral College unanimously in 1789. Washington is commonly called the "Father of his country" since he played a major role in fighting for independence and helped form the government we now have. Many of his leadership practices became the template for the way politics have proceeded following his terms. For example his use of a group of counselors known as a "cabinet" is still in practice today. He only

  • Ideology Of George Washington

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    George Washington George Washington is arguably the single most important figure in all of American history. As the first President of this nation, he set the stage for what the public head was supposed to act like and do as well as established many rules for a lot of the ideology that America has today. Historians believe that he is the major reason all of the American presidents prior to Franklin Delano Roosevelt only served for two terms and the reason they did a lot of what they did publically

  • The Issues Of George Washington

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    Issues With a new nation facing overwhelming difficulties, George Washington faced the challenges of being the first president to run, shape, and build the foundations of the newly formed United States. Washington came into office with the country in heavy debt, and an empty treasury. With the issues President George Washington was facing, he proved to be a paragon leader. One such issue was that of the National debt and creating a National Bank. In 1790, Alexander Hamilton proposed that Congress

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    George Washington was our nation’s first president and a well respected leader, but what gave him this reputation? In David McCullough’s 1776, Washington’s leadership skills that brought the colonies to victory can be easily seen. As British and American politicians struggled to reach a compromise, events on the ground escalated until war was inevitable. McCullough recreates scenes of heroic battles as well as dramatic encounters between diplomats with outstanding details in his writing. 1776 was

  • George Washington Biography

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    Washington was a very popular author. In fact, he was the first American author to make a living out of writing only (McNamara 1). The author was born on the third of April, 1783. He was born and raised in New York, New York. He was named Washington after the first president, George Washington (“World Biography” 1). He was the eighth child of eleven. An interesting fact about when he was born is that he was born the same week that the people in New York City heard about the British ceasefire in Virginia

  • George Washington and Lincoln

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    presidents in the history of the United States. There have been 43 presidents to be exact. Of these 43 Presidents of the United States, there are only about 15 of whom the average American might know. However, the most famous of these Presidents are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. These two amazing leaders of our country have shown the world what it really means to be a good example to those who follow them. They are men of honor and made this great nation a beautiful and free place to live. Their