8th Grade Essays

  • 8th grade graduation speech

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    My fellow classmen, as we look back on our years here at school we should remember the meaningful words of a fellow class member of mine when she said, "Dude, where's my iPod?" It's hard for me to think of a better way to describe the many layers of adolescence, because deep down aren?t we all "dudes?" Do we not all have our inner "iPods", and are we not constantly searching for them? Now, we're leaving our childhood behind to study the vast sphere we call planet Earth, into the notorious world of

  • 8th Grade Autobiography

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    except doing everything we had to do. I went through kindergarten and second grade pretty easily. In third grade I met my best friend tashawn. Middle school was a very easy time I got good grades and made a lot of friends. My classes slowly got easier. In seventh grade I got really good grades and I made gold honor roll. During seventh grade someone stole everything in my locker. 8th grade was very hard I got kind of good grades. The first day of high school I was very nervous. It was a very hard school

  • I Lost the Chance

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    father decided that he wanted us to live with him. He was very convincing... but never convincing enough to gain a commitment from us. Unfortunately, he refused to let it alone at that. I was, at the time, a sophomore in high school, my brother in 8th grade. Eventually, we cracked. Agreed to move in with him. All was right in his world. Except one thing. We could not bring ourselves to tell my mom. Eventually, though, it happened. A long, late-night discussion ensued with my mom, discussing the motivations

  • To Pursue Dreams

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    Education is not deemed terribly important, since even a high school education is of little practical value. My mom dropped out of high school because she was pregnant, and has been a factory seamstress for fifty years. My father dropped out after 8th grade because his own father ran out on his family, leaving him to have to work. He has been a welder in a steel mill my whole life. They expected that my scholastic career would be roughly similar to theirs. My own goals, however, were much higher: I

  • Identity in Maya Angelou's Graduation

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    after having killed other soldiers. The dramatic change from a stalking killing machine to a “good ol’ drinking buddy” was astonishing. Maya Angelou describes in her essay “Graduation” an abrupt shift in identity that she experienced. During her 8th grade commencement ceremony, she became painfully aware of the prejudice and stereotypes that haunt her race. She also realized the history of this behavior and the obstacles that she faces when she heard the words to the Negro National Anthem “for

  • Social War

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    Social War "That's her, that's the new girl. That's Holly Bennett. She is going to be in our group and not theirs," Mandi told us, as Holly shyly made her way over to the teachers desk. Our regular gang was sitting in the middle of 8th grade English. We were all seated in a circle in the back corner of the old, smelly classroom. Our "enemies," as we called them, were seated in the opposite corner. Mandi, Summer, Kristi, Lindsey, Anna and I were all pretty close friends then. It seemed

  • 8th Grade Experience Analysis

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    Plus, the schools were extremely far from where I lived. This nerve-wrecking 8th grade experience has changed me as I was going through multiple changes to help figure myself out. Ever since then, I’ve experimented with my potentials, and the story begins. I was an edgy, angst teenager in middle school. I was going through “MySpace

  • 8th Grade Graduation Essay

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    Good evening, and thank you for accompanying our 8th grade promotion. Thank you to the Rock Falls District #13 board members, superintendent Mr. Arickx, Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Calkins, Mr. Rude, and Mr. Ackman. We also give a big thanks to our parents and our teachers. Our parents have helped us with everything we have been through and they have been there to support us with through our struggles in life so far. Some of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our teachers. They have put extra time and effort

  • 8th Grade Graduation Speeches

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    Hello friends, family, and peers. Today I stand before you not as one voice of eighty, but as eighty voices joining into one. Class of 2022, we made it. On this stage, we are not only graduating, but we are taking our next big step in life. We are about to embark on a new adventure. We are going to face things we have never faced before. The future has so much in store for us. So look around, smile, take it all in. Every test we have studied for, every project we have put countless hours into, every

  • 8th Grade Research Paper

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    I remember when I was in 2nd grade I got to see a rocket go off on my birthday. You see my grandpa used to work for BALL Aerospace. He help on lots of rockets and space stations. Well it just happened that their was a rocket that was going to go off near my birthday. We had to go to California to see the rocket go off. It just so happened that the weather kept pushing it back until my birthday. The weather was so bad there and there was so much to do before it went off. We had to make sure the weather

  • Narrative Essay On 8th Grade

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    "Eighth Grade ...Finally!" I got in to Nature Coast Technical High School where my cluster is Technology support services. While doing this curriculum I will be able to get four certifications. Middle school was fun it taught me a lot not only just education but some life skills, for example just smile and nod, keep your thoughts to yourself, pause means pause. I was able to make friends and have a few more years of being immature. High School is when everyone starts to grow up and I know that sounds

  • 8th Grade Graduation Speeches

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    quacks-(list of names). I would now like to share my experiences I had in this school. The first year of middle school went by pretty quickly. The second year went pretty slowly. I think it went slowly because we all wanted to be in eighth grade already. Now that eight grade is ending don’t we all wish we could do it all

  • 8th Grade Research Paper

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    Every year, as we enter a new grade, new challenges approach us. Eighth grade is no exception., and will be very different from 7th grade. As I enter my eighth grade school year, I will be bombarded with a variety of new experiences and challenges such as buddies, academics, and being prepared for high school. One of the most important tasks that is thrust onto me is buddies. It is a St. Michael’s tradition that every year the eighth graders receive first grade buddies. This year is no different

  • Personal Narrative: My 8th Grade

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    Ask yourself, how was your 8th grade year… Was it good, bad, fun, or stressful? Well most of my 8th grade year was bad but the ending actually turned out good. The start of my year was exciting, but that was just the beginning. As time went on and the work started to come in, that's when things turned south for me. I started stressing about everything I had to do, I was getting to overwhelmed. I would catch myself slipping constantly and it was worrying me because I didn't want to get held back a

  • 8th Grade History Research Paper

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    In my 6th and 8th grade history classes I learned about specific dates in history and events, important people. More specific to 6th grade we learned about history’s mistakes but how we can make sure they aren’t repeated. For example, we learned about the holocaust but at the same time we learned the difference between an upstander and bystander, how to be an upstander, and how people during the holocaust filled those roles. In 7th grade history, we learned about current events in the world, how

  • 8th Grade Year Research Paper

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    My eighth grade year has been littered with moments of fun and joy and moments of confusion and sadness. Days where you wake up and think that it is going to be a great day but then one piece of news can make you sad or angry. Everybody’s eighth grade year has had these moments, some more severe and drastic than others. Everyone tends to either climb to the top or sink, for me, it has been in between. I started my year wanting to help my sister as much as I possibly could and I would end up not

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Last Day Of The 8th Grade

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    Something that a student would never like to hear, is being told that they are going to repeat the same grade, again. I have gotten this news in the 8th grade, I had failed the final exam to more on, to high school within the regular school year but, then going to summer school and retaking, English class, and retaken the final English exam again. Still failed it, which was horrifying. Going to the last, day of summer school to find out my result. To find out if I passed and moving on to high school

  • Argumentative essay

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    classroom? Well, there are 3 reasons this gum policy: costly gum removal, parents complain about gum on their children’s shoes, clothes, and hair and the parents are not happy about the cleaning bills. There was a questionnaire given to one class in grades 5-8 and 3 of the questions were: how often do you chew gum at school, how do you discard your used gum, and why do you think students put gum under chairs and desks? Do I agree with this ban? No, I don’t agree with this policy because there was never

  • Grade Retention

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    Problem Background Grade retention, also known as grade repetition, is defined as “repeating an academic year of school” and is considered to be “the opposite of social promotion, in which children continue with their age peers regardless of academic performance” (Advameg, Inc., 2014). There have been several studies on the effects of grade retention, along with studies that link grade retention to high school dropout rates; however, the studies also indicate that grade retention is not the only

  • Aspects that Affect the U.S. Grading System

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    currently used for evaluating or grading students. Letter grades, A through F, are assigned based on a combination of associated and non-associated assessments of skills. “A” being excellent or good, “B” meaning better than average, and F meaning poor. These letter grades take into account many non-academic elements such as behavior, participation, extra credit, and even attendance. A teacher can put anything they wish into a students’ grade. We are taught, at a very early age, both by educators and