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  • Philosophy

    Philosophy is the field of study that finds answers to life’s fundamental questions like existence, truth, reason, knowledge, death, and much more. Questioning, systemic presentation, critical discussion, and rational arguments are some of the methods of approaching philosophy. Questions like, “Is it possible to prove knowledge?” or “Is it better to be just or unjust?” are some examples of philosophical discussions. Every culture has its own philosophical beliefs, and they often differ from one another.

    The Five Branches of Philosophy

    There are 5 branches of philosophy, namely:

    • Metaphysics: This branch answers general questions of reality such as existence, time, objects, and their properties. It searches for the connection between body and mind. Cosmology, which deals with the study of the Earth and the study of being, is a part of Metaphysics.
    • Ethics: This deals with the eternal dilemma of what is right and what is wrong. It explores the difference between good and bad, moral and amoral, etc. It investigates the quality of life based on standards of morality.
    • Aesthetics: The branch of aesthetics deals with the critical appreciation of art, music, culture, and nature. It perceives art and nature through the lens of beauty, taste, enjoyment, emotional core, etc.
    • Epistemology: This is the study of knowledge. It deals with pressing questions like “what is truth” and “Can beliefs be justified as knowledge?” Skepticism, rationalism, empiricism, foundationism, and coherentism are some of the concepts in Epistemology.
    • Logic: This is the study of reasoning and argument. Deductive reasoning and rules of inference are some of the most common concepts of this branch of philosophy.

    Greek philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, and Aristotle are widely popular among the students of philosophy. Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and William Golding’s Lord of the Flies are some of the popular philosophical works.

    Here is a comprehensive list of essays for you to read to explore the nuances of various branches of philosophy:

  • Philosophy Of Philosophy

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    PHILOSOPHY ESSAY PHI2010 – Introduction to Philosophy Name: Linda Rodriguez Date: 03/05/2014 What Role Does Philosophy Have in my Life? When I think of philosophy I think back to my personal beliefs and experiences. Philosophy for me is a term that goes beyond choosing what's right from wrong, philosophy goes deeper that a decision. Philosophy for me is the roots of my being and what determines the way I live my everyday life. Philosophy refers back to the codes I count on to help me handle situations

  • Philosophy In Philosophy: The Philosophy Of Dualism According To Philosophy

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    What is Dualism? According to Philosophy in Practice: An Introduction to the main Questions; Second Edition, Morton states that “dualism is the view that there are two basic kinds of things in the universe, usually minds and physical objects.” Personally, I think dualism is the correct form of metaphysics because I believe that mind and matter are separate from each other. One argument that supports my view on dualism and also shows flaws with the idea of materialism, is the argument of free will

  • The Philosophy Of African Philosophy

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    can adopt African Philosophy as a theoretical framework into our methods of teaching as a way assisting and helping this young learner. African philosophy would be the best theoretical framework to adopt as it is a response to the troubles and problems of Africa and to the domination of Western thought. African philosophy is an anti-materialistic philosophy; it claims that happiness at least somewhat consists of living for others, in supporting others. Unlike Western Philosophies which regards the

  • Essay On Philosophy Of Philosophy

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    When you think of philosophy what comes to mind? Old men sitting in a circle asking what is the meaning of life? Contemplating questions such as why are we here? There are many negative views on the subject and far too many misconceptions when it comes to the study of Philosophy. Philosophic pursuit can be made into any subject because philosophy deals with everything in the world and all of knowledge. Traditionally, however, philosophy is divided into five branches; metaphysics, epistemology, logic

  • Philosophy Of Nursing Philosophy

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    My nursing philosophy is commitment, understanding, honor, trust, honesty, friendliness, compassion, companionship, togetherness, caring, and love. I believe the nature of nursing is entrenched in my commitment to public service and the undeniable desire to help those in need. Nursing is more than just treating an illness; it’s caring for the entire individual. Consequently, by helping to nurse them back to health mind body and soul this gives me a sense of accomplishment. My perspective is not just

  • philosophy

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    means wisdom. So what does philosophy mean? Philosophy can mean many things. It could be the freedom to reflect, the ideas behind the force of question such as What is life?, Who is god?, Who am I?, etc. Philosophy could be a persons beliefs.      Philosophy dates back a long time. It started with Plato talking about platonic forms, moving onto Socrates who used analogies. Others such as Locke, Rousseau, and Dewey also put our their views of philosophy.      To

  • Philosophy

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    Philosophy Why I want to teach: Children are far more likely to smile and laugh than grown ups. Their giggles and humor tend to be contagious and so I love to be around them. They have a tremendous capacity to learn but still manage not to take things too seriously. I admire that and would like to spend my career helping them. My education philosophy: Each of the major philosophical approaches to education has merit. However, to strictly employ only one philosophy is limiting and

  • Philosophy

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    Philosophy, the Greek word for "love of wisdom," has been defined in a variety of ways, one of which is the notion that philosophy is the rational attempt to formulate, understand, and answer fundamental questions (Voices of Wisdom). What makes people partake in philosophy? It is philosophy that we turn to when we have the need to seek out a guiding principle for our lives. Therefore, philosophy holds a prominent place in society and in the world. Basically, everyone is a philosopher, but it takes

  • Philosophy

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    can we fix them. Each philosopher has seen the world from his own eyes and aimed for changing and modifying what he thinks is wrong, while people are the ones who choose which one to follow. Kant, with the limits of philosophical sciences, his philosophy and thoughts were an inspiration for so many significant contemporary thinkers like Hegel. His thoughts and analysis are limited to how is the world functioning and why. His concern was freedom and how the human mind thinks and functions and to