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    duel with Vice President Aaron Burr. Alexander Hamilton's earlier career as a Continental Army officer is less well known. Yet Hamilton's first experience in public service is important, not only because it was the springboard to his later career, but because it also deeply influenced his values and thinking” (Hamilton). Alexander Hamilton was born as a British subject on the island of Nevis in the West Indies on the 11th of January 1755. His father, James Hamilton -- Scottish merchant of St. Christopher

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    Alexander Hamilton was a founding father that is often forgotten in American history. All the glory goes to men like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others of that sort. Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential individuals in the formation of the United States economy, and one of the greatest intellectuals, politicians and founding fathers in history. Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 in the British West Indies. He was the product of an affair and was born to his

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    Consider Napoleon, Fox, and Hamilton the three greatest men of our epoch, and If I were force to decide between the three, I would give without hesitation the first place to Hamilton (Kaplan 284)”. Those are the words of prominent French diplomat Charles Maurice De Talleyrand after spending a year in the United States. Those words of respect came because of the actions and influences that Alexander Hamilton had on a young United States that still have an effect today. Hamilton helped shaped and interpret

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    Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was a great man that will be remembered for being a great major general of the armed forces of the United States of America. As well as the secretary of the treasury. In 1769, at twelve years old he had a job as a clerk in a general store and Alexander dreaded spending the rest of his life there. He wanted something more for his future. He wished for a war to occur. He wanted to prove himself to be more worthy then a clerk. To his thinking, only some brilliant

  • Alexander Hamilton And John Marshall And Alexander Hamilton

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    what Alexander Hamilton would be able to accomplish if he had not been killed by Aaron Burr? Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers, was a talented man who achieved many things during his lifetime. Therefore, it is no surprise that he could attain a higher position in the office and even become a president. In fact, with him being a president, many events could be changed, including the War of 1812, the slavery system, and even the size of the country. First of all, let take a look at Alexander Hamilton

  • Alexander Hamilton Thesis

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    Alexander Hamilton Did you know that Alexander Hamilton is on the 10 dollar bill? The american revolution started when the english redcoats fired into a crowd of unarmed innocent people. The news spread around america quicker than it got to the king. This was a very big point in history. Alexander Hamilton grew up on the island of Nevis, British West Indies on January 1755 or 1747. During the revolution Hamilton was appointed first secretary of the treasury where he helped a lot with the debt that

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    (Chernow 284). Throughout Alexander Hamilton’s life, he not only changed the face of our nation, but also made some decisions that ruined his political and social career. Ron Chernow takes the life of America’s youngest founding father and gives it a whole new level of depth and perspective. The purpose of this essay is to explain the author’s writing style, content, and purpose of Alexander Hamilton as well as give my personal opinion on the book’s material. Alexander Hamilton is an in-depth analyzation

  • Biography of Alexander Hamilton

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    Alexander Hamilton was born on the island of Nevis of the British West Indies January eleventh in 1757. He lived with his brother and a single mother. In 1772, Hamilton moved to the United states. He entered the Continental Army in 1776 as the captain of artillery while in New York where he also studied law at King’s College. He was married to Elizabeth Schuyler in 1780. Elizabeth was from a wealthy land holding family, this helped Alexander hold ties to rich and powerful leaders in New York. Alexander

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    As a federalist Alexander Hamilton wanted to establish a stronger federal government under a new Constitution. He met in Philadelphia with other delegates to discuss how to fix the Articles of Confederation that created a weak central government. During the meeting, Hamilton expressed his view that a dependable current source of revenue would be crucial to develop a more powerful and resilient central government. Although Hamilton played a diminutive part in the writing of the Constitution itself

  • Alexander Hamilton Thesis

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    Alexander Hamilton was a founding father who was an immigrant that came to the United States in search of new opportunities. He quickly became involved in many events that would shape this new land in a way that no one would have expected. This man did not have anything or anyone when he arrived in America but that did not stop him or his ideals from quickly spreading. Alexander Hamilton was essential to the development of the United States, without his contributions the American people would be

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    Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was a political scientist ,government official, economist, and lawyer, from 1755-1804. Alexander Hamilton once said, “May God give you wisdom to see what is your true interest, and inspire you with becoming zeal for the cause of virtue and mankind.”(Alexander Hamilton) Alexander Hamilton was a strong-willed individual, because he overcame so many instances of adversity. Alexander Hamilton was born into a poor family that did not have many chances, but he did

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    hit play Hamilton, written by Lin Manuel Miranda, is viewed as an educational play about Alexander Hamilton, one of the United States’ founding fathers and the first Secretary of the Treasury. The play captures the spirit of Alexander Hamilton’s ambition, eloquence, and mistakes in a revolutionary format-as revolutionary as Hamilton himself! Combining rap, musical theater, and history, Hamilton is an enthralling and entertaining play that is mostly accurate to the real Alexander Hamilton. The details

  • The Shortcomings Of Alexander Hamilton

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    Lin-Manuel Miranda raps at the beginning of his hit musical, Hamilton. This sentence truly epitomizes the ideal that governed Alexander Hamilton’s life; that is to say that he was always a weighty advocate for the things in which he believed. His accomplishments range from orchestrating the Bank of New York to being a delegate for the Continental Congress, proving him to be a well rounded Founding Father. Nonetheless many would like to discredit Hamilton because he, like all human beings, had significant flaws;

  • Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton

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    involved in the establishment of the government, the laws regulating states and people, and individual rights in the construction of the United States of America. Two men stand out as instrumental to our founding principles: Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson was an educated, articulate and accomplished man from a well-respected family. He had a great understanding of farming and of the relationship between man and his environment, working diligently to balance the two for the

  • Alexander Hamilton And Aaron Burr

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    On the morning of July 11, 1804 in New Jersey, near the shore of the Hudson River, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had their famous duel, which the two agreed on after a series of events. Many things led to the infamous duel that morning. Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had different upbringings. The former grew up on the island of Nevis, born of parents not in marriage. His mother was a prostitute and the father accused her of “whoring around”. At ten years old, his father left and at fourteen

  • Comparing Jefferson And Alexander Hamilton

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    The political parties of today have been shaped through the political parties that were born at the beginning of our country. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are two prominent figures who were deeply involved in the development of the United States. Hamilton was a Federalist who supported the Constitution we have today while Jefferson was a Republican who did not want a strong central government. The ideas of both parties can still be seen today in the current system amongst the two political

  • The Driving Force of Alexander Hamilton

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    Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton remains to be one of America’s most important people. Not only was he the first secretary of the treasury of the United States, he also was one of America’s founding fathers. Hamilton believed that a strong central government should rest on a solid financial foundation. The creation of the first national bank was to support this idea. He also served in the American army under George Washington. Hamilton also had established good relations with the British

  • Alexander Hamilton Musical Analysis

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    The 2015 hit musical “Hamilton” took the broadway world by storm when it took the history of America and of Alexander Hamilton and completely flipped it on its head. Not only did it take a different stance on the revolution by not casting any main characters as their original race but it also allowed a broad audience of people to learn about and understand the life of a founding father that most people are unfamiliar with. “Hamilton” dives deep into different views of Alexander and the revolution throughout

  • Thomas Jefferson vs. Alexander Hamilton

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    Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton entertained many differing ideas of how the United States (US) should be run, especially in relation of philosophical ideas, domestic policy, and foreign policy. Firstly, looking at the philosophical differences, each man seemed to be consistently on the two opposite side of the other. Thomas Jefferson believed there needed to be maximum public control, and the government needed to be decentralized. Therefore, there needed to be ways for everyone to get an

  • Republican Attacks Against Alexander Hamilton

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    Republican Attacks Against Alexander Hamilton Hamilton's Federalist Party and the Democratic Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson had polarized views on the majority of the important political issues. These two political parties which possessed differing opinions and views pertaining to the future of the U.S. government were persistent in their respective arguments against each other. The strongly contrasting views of these two parties are the foundation of the puissant and sometimes callous attacks