Leadership And The Core Principle Of Leadership Essay

Leadership And The Core Principle Of Leadership Essay

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Leadership is what allows individuals to become groups, accomplish collective goals, and be organized in doing so. There are many different types of leaders and they each have their own unique methodology for leading. Leaders who influence through individual action and their own behavior rather than through explicit direction are some of the most effective leaders. The principle that these leaders use is called leading by example. This principle intrinsically motivates individuals thus making them want to carry out a task rather than have to do it because they were told to. Therefore the core principle of leadership is leading by example because it does not require a position of authority to work but rather uses the psychological characteristics of people to change their behaviour. My own experiences and the experiences of others support the effectiveness of this leadership principle.
In my own personal experience leading by example has been one of the most effective leadership strategies I have employed. Before joining the military I worked for a company that taught people to safely own and operate all manner of off-road vehicles. These include ATV’s, snowmobiles, and dirt bikes. The other instructors and I used the principle of leading by example with great effectiveness. As the lessons became more complicated some students grew less comfortable attempting the tasks we had asked them to do. The most common lesson that encountered this issue was the lesson where students were taught to ride over large logs. Some students were always hesitant to try until we had one of their peers perform the task. After seeing that their peers were capable of doing the task they developed a new found motivation to try it themselves. Some instruc...

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...d been more cooperative. This indicates that I need to work on my ability to empower my team members.
The leadership principle that I deem to be the most important is ones ability to lead by example. This is supported by my own experiences during military training and in my previous employment. Social learning theory also supports that leading by example is an effective leadership principle because of people’s tendency to learn through observation. My leadership strengths were identified as my self-confidence and integrity both of which aid in leading by example. My leadership weaknesses were identified to be my emotional intelligence and ability to empower my subordinates. If I improve both of these traits my effectiveness in leading by example will be improved. This paper has been useful in helping me reflect on my leadership philosophy and my skills as a leader.

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