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  • Positive Psychology Interventions

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    Diener, 2005). Over the past decade, research in the field of positive psychology has emerged to provide evidence-based methods to increase an individual’s psychological well-being, through so called positive psychology interventions (PPI’s). PPI’s are treatment methods or intentional activities used to promote positive feelings or behaviour. PPI’s vary from writing gratitude letters, practicing optimistic thinking and replaying positive experiences. A meta-analysis of 51 independent PPI studies demonstrated

  • Positive Psychology

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    Positive Psychology has been criticised and praised for its seemingly narrow perspective on psychological trauma and how its best dealt with. The exploration of both the development of the field and its socio-psychological implications lead to an understanding of its necessity. The function and purpose of Positive Psychology in its social context have led to it being referred to as the “Popular psychology of America”. This opens it to criticisms as being whimsical and unrealistic. Limitations of

  • What´s Positive Psychology?

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    Positive psychology is defined as a field of psychological theory and research which centers upon the psychological states, personal characteristics and strengths, and cultural institutions which make living most valuable (Psychology Dictionary, n.d.). Positive psychology relies on humans taking the brighter side of life and moving through time with kindness, patience, and the ability to forgive and pursue life to the fullest. Positive psychology is having a positive mindset. People having a positive

  • Positive Benefits Of Positive Psychology

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    Positive Psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing, and an applied approach to optimal functioning. It has also been defined as the study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals, communities and organisations to thrive. (What Is Positive Psychology) Unfortunately, people can often be confused about the true characterization of positive psychology. Some even do not recognize positive psychology as not a “real” branch of psychology at all, because they misinterpret the definition

  • Characteristics Of Positive Psychology

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    Positive Education Positive psychology is the study of the “good life” (Peterson, 2006). Peterson explained that living a good life is much deeper than just feeling artificially happy and smiling all of the time. Instead it may include such difficult actions as standing up for values and beliefs in the face of adversity, like taking a stand against slavery. Victor Frankl wrote about another important aspect of positive psychology in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning (2006). As a Holocaust survivor

  • The Importance Of Positive Psychology

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    Positive psychology refers to the strength and abilities that facilitate individuals and the societies to succeed. The arena of positive psychology is created on the trust that the people and the community will have meaningful and fulfilling lives that will facilitate them in being the best among themselves. This leads to better experiences of play, love, and work. It helps in achieving a satisfactory life that is more effective which is better than treating any mental illness. It focuses on the

  • The Science of Positive Psychology

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    influenced by his colleague Josef Breuer, came up with a theory that stated that human actions and thought are driven by past traumatic events stored in their subconscious (“Sigmund Freud Biography”). Thus giving birth to psychoanalysis, a field in psychology that studies the subconscious part of the psyche and believes past experiences mark it and have a deep influence on a person’s current behaviors. The early twentieth century was shaped by two shattering wars that brought in traumas to the human

  • Positive Psychology: The Effects of Positive Emotions

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    Positive psychology describes the effects a positive attitude can have on one’s enjoyment of a situation, people, and life as whole. If one is able to find something good about every situation they encounter, then their overall life experience will be positive. It explains that one’s mindset determines the outcome of a situation, including how well they get along with people around them. Positive emotions are capable of changing not only one's outlook on life, but also their life as a whole. By viewing

  • Positive Psychology Essay

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    Title: Positive Psychology and its Effectiveness Evaluate Psychology’s attempts to treat mental disorder and aid in personal development of individuals? Psychology Mr.Basnight Block: E May 14th 2014 word count: “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude” by Oprah Winfrey which shows the power that people have over their minds and their actions. Recently there have been numerous developments in the field of positive psychology

  • Positive Psychology Influencing: The onset of a Positive Lifestyle and Positive Health

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    Positive Psychology Influencing The Onset of a Positive Lifestyle and Positive Health There have been numerous studies in the realm of Positive Psychology and the effects it can influence in other sectors of a person’s overall wellbeing, especially in terms of attaining a positive mindset and treatment of negative general disorders, the short term benefits of a positive psychological outlook and the long term health and lifestyle benefits that are produced from it. In a 2006 journal article, Park