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Leadership, without doubt, is a significantly important function of management. It helps to aggrandize efficiency and to fulfil an organization’s goals. Leadership is the ability of a manager to induce the subordinates to work with confidence, determination, courage and zeal. It is also defined as ability to influence a group towards the realization of a goal. Leaders should have the capability of developing future visions, and to drive the organizational members to want to attain the visions. This paper states my points in which I duly believe, justifies the importance of an outstanding leader in any organization. First and foremost, leaders help to motivate and develop employees in a workplace. There is a popular quote that states, “a manager …show more content…

By allowing for employees to be increasingly engaged in workplace activities, they are then given the opportunity to develop new skills. Most leaders also encourage for employees to participate in team building activities so that any employee would be more comfortable and have stronger chemistry when working with other members of their respective departments, and with other employees in the company as a whole. Leaders are capable of motivating their subordinates through a series of actions, such as words of encouragement, acts of appreciation, and allowing for employee involvement in key decision making processes in the company. For instance, leaders who appreciate, constantly encourage and assist in the improvement of the tasks performed by their subordinates will be able to build a strong and healthy employer-employee relationship. This good relationship instils the traits of confidence in employees and motivates them to enhance their performance. Excellent leaders commonly try to develop a dialogue or establish open communication with their subordinates. Employees who are well …show more content…

People tend to forget this major contribution and how significant this really is. Usually when we analyze leaders, people will directly link their work ethics to the internal culture of the company. Great leaders indirectly create loyal customers by cultivating an environment where employees can shine in producing excellent customer satisfaction levels. Good leaders are functionally productive and effective because they know the importance of hiring the right people for the job and how to help them to develop skills that are essential to interact with customers and maintain good customer relationships. In contrast, a dysfunctional leader’s poor behavior would indirectly lead to poor customer relationship held by employees and this can ultimately increase loss of company profits. A major role is held by leaders in empowering their customer facing employees to reach or exceed any customer’s needs and expectations. In addition, any good leader should always be the cheerleader, supporter, and encourager to their subordinates through any situations. A good leader must also lead by example by practicing good customer service traits for the employees to follow along. Leaders always remember to deliver access to information and provide training that gives employees the right start when first joining the company and this helps them to mature. A leader who emphasizes on quality customer service and strong employee

In this essay, the author

  • Defines leadership as the ability of a manager to induce the subordinates to work with confidence, determination, courage, and zeal.
  • Explains that leaders help to motivate and develop employees in a workplace. they encourage employees to do more in the workplace and encourage them to participate in team building activities.
  • Explains that great leaders have a clear vision in their minds and are incredibly focused on realizing that vision. corporate cultures are not set through arm-twisting but it is cultivated when there is good leadership.
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