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When we work together in a team, or in a broader sense as a society, the leader takes on the most important role. It is the leader that helps prioritize activities and direct people’s thought process in the right direction. They are the ones who have the ability to bring the group together as a whole. Because of this, not anyone can be a leader. Only people with certain qualities and abilities are able to fill this role. So what makes a good leader? There is a defined path and specific characteristics that makes someone a good leader. Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities that determine a good leader. Self-confidence is the belief in oneself and of one’s powers and abilities. It is the attitude that people possess that allows them to have positive views and to trust their own abilities. Self-confidence is an extremely important attribute to have. Leadership is all about having the confidence to make decisions. If they are afraid to make and commit to their decisions, all of the communication and authority they have will make no difference. They need to guts to motivate others, and if they waver even slightly, their followers will start to doubt them. An example of leaders having self-confidence is the students at school who organized their own clubs. They have the courage to pitch new ideas, and are not afraid to talk to other students about it. Teachers are natural born leaders. Everyday, they have to face hundreds of students to lead them onto the correct path through learning. Without self-confidence, they will not be able to do their job. Communication plays a key role to a leader. To have communication skills is to have the ability to express oneself clearly to others. It is extremely important as... ... middle of paper ... ...aches his children to see through people’s disabilities and skin color. He stands for what is right without disrupting the town, but isn’t afraid to voice his opinions when it was necessary. He creates equal rights for everyone by helping Tom Robinson during his trial while everyone else didn’t. In order to be a good leader, one must have self-confidence, communication skills, charisma and integrity. These are the fundamental skills that make a good leader. Self-confidence is the attitude that one possesses in which one is not afraid to make decisions based on their ideas. Communication skills allow a leader to convey his or her ideas or thoughts carefully. Charisma is what makes a leader appealing to the public, and integrity is what allows the public to trust and have faith in the leader. Without these skills, a leader would just be mediocre, and not great.

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