Theories Of Nursing Theory

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Throughout nursing history, theories have paved the way for the nursing practice and profession. Theory is a proven explanation of events that guide actions (McEwen, 2011). Before nursing theory, nursing was grouped with medicine and wasn’t considered its own profession (McEwen, 2011). When nursing theory was introduced it solidified nursing as a profession, created a need for research and education and revolutionized nursing practice (McEwen, 2011). Nursing theories provide additional education which creates a cause and effect relationship to support research and improve patient care (Hountras, 2015). Without nursing theories, patient care would be that of unsanitary conditions and unstructured patient care with repeated outcomes regardless …show more content…

Both theorists use a holistic approach as they address the patient as a whole versus singling out their conditions. Although both theorists follow a holistic approach, Orem focuses more on the breakdown of the different parts of the person whereas Peplau focuses on the nurse-patient relationship. Orem and Peplau both understand that to effectively treat the patient you need to understand as much about them as possible, including but not limited their thoughts on their illnesses. Both theories can be used to enhance nursing education, practice and research as well as be used in professions other than nursing, such as in the medical profession. In terms of education, both theories should be reviewed and expounded on to give the student a better understanding of the nursing profession. Developing the skills of analyzing your patient is critical to nursing care and creating a relationship (O’Gorman, 2014). This will ensure that students understand the reason that patients seek medical treatment and how their role is important to all patients, with hopes that these theories will impact their nursing practice once graduated. If these theories are not utilized in nursing practice there is a chance that it can lead to stigmas or preconceived notions about nurses or certain types of patients, which can harm the nurse-patient

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