A Nurse with the Most Knowledge and Skill is an Advanced Practice Nurse

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An advanced practice nurse is thought to be intimately linked to advanced knowledge and skill. In defining the advanced practice nurse and giving insight on the principal foundation of advanced practice, the International Council of Nurses states that an advanced practice nurse is a registered nurse who has developed the skilled knowledge base, multifaceted decision making skills, and clinical proficiencies for extended practice. Completing an advanced nursing degree increases and develops advanced nursing knowledge. Using this knowledge can help spur change in the healthcare field by offering healthcare organizations with skilled nursing professionals and ultimately stimulate optimal patient care. As a graduate student it is essential be able to integrate advanced knowledge and theories from nursing into healthcare practice. Advanced practice nursing students must also combine leadership and developing standards and principles of quality expansion into their healthcare setting (Christensen, 2011).
As an advanced practice student I have found that nursing theories provide the framework on which to base healthcare practices. For example, Benner’s Novice to Expert model attempted to define the basis and growth of nursing knowledge. Having advanced nursing knowledge and being able to apply it into appropriate healthcare settings is key when caring for various patient populations (Christensen, 2011). Through my course of study I have been able to study past nursing theories and research in order to formulate a plan that is evidence based and best for my patient. While working with critically ill patients in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) I have been able to take the knowledge gained from research and incorporate it into plann...

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...ety is very important. As a practicing registered nurse I have discovered that patients as well as healthcare nurses need education on improving safety. In the clinical setting, patients should be educated on all topics that are related to their specific disease process or medical condition. Healthcare providers’ should also practice safety measures to prevent injury to themselves as well as the patients. When quality and safety initiatives are taken seriously by both patients and medical professionals, successful health outcomes is promising (Stievano, Jurado, Rocco & Sasso, 2009).
Preparing to enter the professional field as an advanced practice nurse is tedious and requires a lot of dedication to learning and developing advanced nursing knowledge and skills. With these skills, both patients and healthcare organizations as a whole can operate at full potential.
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