Health care provider Essays

  • Characteristics Of A Health Care Provider

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    Teamwork: It is about health service members and health system working together collaboratively in providing care to each patient to bring out best patient results. 6. Environments: Environments should be designed in such a way that it facilitates staffs to work in a person-centred way. 7. Inclusion: Patients’ family members, relatives, friends, and partners should also be included in the process of care and support as it fosters mutual relationships among them and also care outcomes. It is mentioned

  • Decisions from Health Care Providers

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    Healthcare providers must make their treatment decisions based on many determining factors, one of which is insurance reimbursement. Providers always consider whether or not the organization will be paid by the patients and/or insurance companies when providing care. Another important factor which affects the healthcare provider’s ability to provide the appropriate care is whether or not the patient has been truthful, if they have had access to health, and are willing to take the necessary steps

  • Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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    religions that a health care provider may care for in the nursing field. It will discuss the spiritual perspective, as well as the critical components of healing, such as through prayer and meditation. The writer will give a brief summary of each religions belief. The three religions that will be discussed in this paper are Native American, Hinduism, and Buddhism. This paper will discuss what is important to people who are cared for of a particular faith by the health care provider who may have an

  • Compare And Contrast Health Care Provider And Faith Diversity

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    Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft Everyone has their own experiences and beliefs of healing including healthcare providers. There is no right or wrong way of how a person view their religion, because individuals have their own worldview based on their experiences and morals. Healthcare providers must have knowledge of this concept and facilitate expression of faith while giving care. They need to allow patients the right to express their spiritual needs without that patient

  • Patient Communication Essay

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    elderly patient to verbalize their health problems and make it difficult for them to understand medical information given by their physician and other healthcare providers (Robinson, White, Houchins, 2006)2006). This lack of clarity can render a simple visit to their doctor ineffective and can lead to “negative outcomes in their care.” This negative impact cognition plays in communication becomes more apparent with the elderly as they tend to have multiple health concerns and have to deal with an

  • Essay On Clavicle Fracture

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    move your shoulder. • A bump over your clavicle. DIAGNOSIS Your health care provider can usually diagnose a clavicle fracture by asking about your injury and examining your shoulder and clavicle. He or she may take an X-ray to determine the position of your clavicle. TREATMENT Treatment depends on the position of your clavicle after the fracture: • If the broken ends of the bone are not out of place, your health care provider may put your arm in a sling or wrap a support bandage around your

  • Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

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    high-risk situations and with ways for establishing a support network to help in this process. Then, for reinforcement, the health care provider supplies the patient with informational materials on alcohol use and its associated problems as well as on behavioral modification exercises. Lastly to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the brief intervention, the health care provider establishes a system for conducting supportive telephone consultation and follow up visits with the patient. In conclusion

  • The Importance Of Discrimination In Health Care

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    When society thinks of healthcare, there are many racial disparities within healthcare, especially in treatment. How being a person of color in the United States can be difficult when it comes to accessing health care, especially in the hospital. In the United States, there seems to be a separation between physicians and patient, which contributes to the disparities in quality of healthcare. The hospital is a place where people should feel equally treated. The hospital is also a place where can

  • The Importance Of Emergency Departments In Healthcare Hospitals

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    high-quality care to their clients. Emergency departments (ED) are no different, but are challenged with balancing quality with quantity in a timely manner. Unlike physician offices and hospital floors, EDs do not get to set a limit on the number of patients they see at a time. There is no control over patient arrival, which can and often does result in controlled chaos. The American College of Emergency Physicians (2014) reports “because of the unscheduled and episodic nature of health emergencies

  • Caregiver Patient Satisfaction

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    patient satisfactions were firmly established when therapeutic communication (TC) was ingrained into the day to day patient care routine. The authors concluded that therapeutic relationship (TR) was the most important feature associated with a patient’s satisfaction and it is viewed as an important indicator of the quality of care received in a psychiatric setting. Providers and healthcare workers need to do a self-assessment of their communication skills in other to improve in therapeutic communication

  • Four Components Of The Four Metaparadigms Of Nursing

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    nursing profession, which can be used as a guide by nurses like me in making clinical judgment. There are four mataparadigms that are relevant to nursing practice- person, environment, health and nursing. Person The person component of the metaparadigm describes the individual, family, or community in need of health care. It also lays emphasis on the patient’s social, spiritual and physical demands. The nurse’s aim when interacting with the “person” is to support 71). Nursing discipline comprises of

  • Metaparadigms Of Nursing Essay

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    practice- person, environment, health and nursing. Person The person component of the metaparadigm describes the individual, family, or community in need of health care. It also lays emphasis on the client’s social, spiritual and physical demands. The nurse’s aim when interacting

  • Alarm Fatigue

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    excessive and misleading alerts remain a leading technological hazard in hospitals. We encounter hundreds of alarms each day, which create a cacophony and it distract and desensitize our response. The 2014 report of US Emergency Care Research Institute reveals, it is the top 10 health technology hazard. Due to the alarm fatigue, caregivers may ignore or unable to distinguish different alarms, which may lead to patient harm or delay of

  • The Importance Of Jeanne Mance

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    Jeanne Mance is the founder of the Hotel Dieu in Montreal and one of the great role models for nurses. She emphasizes a strong value and ethics on how to take care of the people. Her determination in taking care of the ill greatly inspires all the nurses to follow her path. She only devotes her life on the patient and the people who need her. It is the reason why Jeanne Mance is significant to my program because her beliefs still persist that we strongly uphold up to these days. The nursing program

  • Essay On Health Awareness

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    Mobile ―Be healthy, Be Mobile! is the principal of this proposed system. Nothing is more pleasing to patients then being offered personalized mobile mentor and a satisfied user is the best health awareness strategy as well as Social and mobile technologies create a more holistic healthcare experience, matching, comparing, ratings and reviews, and bringing healthcare into the accountability of the modern blogosphere and social media circuit. Accessible digital healthcare processes and records will

  • Personal Ethics Case Study

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    considered extensive measures (Hentz, 2003). In this situation the healthcare provider and nurse may develop a moral distress. A moral distress is a marvel experienced by nurses and doctors when they feel that there is a distinction between what they feel should be done and what they are capable of doing. Moral distress is characterized as "mental disequilibrium" that happens when, for whatever reason, the healthcare provider is not ready to give the consideration that is seen to be "correct" or "best"

  • Reflection On Internship

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    Lauren Biddle 23 February 2013 HDFS 465 Reflection #1 Goals - My goals for my internship at the Rockford Center include: becoming more familiar with Social Workers in Rockford and also in other settings, learning how to interview patients on my own with confidence, learning how to execute the discharge process of patients independently without having to ask my supervisor for assistance, becoming more familiar with adolescents and being mindful of their feelings, being more patient with myself, learning

  • Healing Touch Essay

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    sooths the patient but also studies show that it improves cognitive health. Pet therapy creates a greater sense of happiness in the patients. This feeling cannot be matched from simply laying in a hospital bed all

  • Racial Empathy

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    Empathy among/between racial groups in the United States To be able to understand how empathy works between a certain group of people, it is necessary to know what empathy means. I found an interesting definition of empathy, as a crucial component of the helping relationship, a need to understand people ' distress, and to provide supportive interpersonal communication. Empathy is the ability to recognize the emotions of others. Empathy does not mean that we live other people’ emotions, but it means

  • Nursing Case Study

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    preserve dignity of people with kindness and understand chances for vulnerability and powerlessness in their care (NMBA 2013). Inherent power imbalance is such that patient or client is always vulnerable and liable to be exploited by health care provider. Ms. Kelda did not realize the vulnerability of patient A. He was having psychiatric problem; paranoid schizophrenia. Anyone having mental health problem is vulnerable people to exploitation because they are incapable to take sensible decision and can