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  • The Nurse-Patient Ratio and Patient Safety

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    the nurses get burnt out, but the patients also don’t receive the care they deserve. The nurse-patient ratio is an aspect that gets overlooked in many facilities that could lead to possible devastating errors. Nurse- patient ratio issues have been a widely studied topic and recently new changes have been made to improve the problem. Identifying and maintaining the appropriate number of mixed nursing staff, RN/LPN/CNA, is critical to the delivery of quality patient care. Many studies reveal an association

  • Patient Ambulation

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    is considered as eight out of twenty activities of exercise therapy. The ambulation is considered an essential part of the patient after medical surgery. The purpose if this paper is to discuss the challenges faced my nurse and patient when it comes to ambulation after any surgery. This is an important clinical issue according to me because I cared for multiple patients after surgery for whom ambulation was important. This is an important clinical issue for the nursing profession because nurses

  • Virtual Patients

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    Through training with virtual patients, nurses are able to provide a better quality of patient care. Nurses work with virtual patients in simulated worlds as they would with actual patients; they assess and care for the patient’s needs. By using virtual patients, nurses are able to obtain clinical reasoning skills, experience, and confidence in a risk-free atmosphere (Kaddoura, 2010). Learning by experiences and through mistakes is an effective way to acquire a deeper understanding of the skills

  • Patient Visit

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    word patient visit really makes me nervous. This was my second patient visit; however, I was still a little high-strung. When we arrived at the home, the patient was holding the door open for us to come in. I felt a relieved when I saw him outside and excited for us to be there. After I walked inside the house, I felt squeamish. The house was packed full of clothes and groceries, the couches had multiple stains on them, and there was cat hair everywhere. We proceeded to interview the patient in order

  • Patient Safety

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    Patient safety is key to the success and smooth running of a hospital since they are the primary stakeholders without whom the hospital in itself is useless. Therefore, patients must be out of harm's way from the minute they walk into the hospital compound to the time they leave and even beyond. The hospital as an institution is socially and legally responsible for the patients' safety during their admission. Hospital staff must, therefore, be relentless when it comes to patient safety especially

  • Patient Safety

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    hinder safety for patients? If informatics is used correctly in the nursing process it can create a work environment where there is little to no patient complications. When informatics is used as a workaround, patient safety can be at risk. Informatics in the health care industry can provide cohesive and effective patient charting. Effective patient charting includes the patient’s history, medical problems, medications, and assessments done by each nurse. Without adequate patient information before

  • Hemodialysis Patient

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    Ms. Poulos is a Staff RN in the Hemodialysis Unit. She is currently the primary nurse for five of our chronic dialysis patients. Each of her primary patients has exceeded the quality benchmarks in the areas of adequacy, anemia management and access. As a member of the interdisciplinary team she attends monthly care plan meetings and has made suggestions that have led to positive outcomes such as: changes in dry weights, medication reviews with the nephrologist to facilitate warranted medication

  • Patient Experience

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    DQ3: Patient Experience - Describe the kinds of data Dr. Merlino uses to measure patient experience. How does he approach using the data to get behavior change within the organization (e.g. among the physicians and nurses)? How does Dr. Merlino apply what we have been talking about – becoming data-driven to his work in patient experience, and do you see this as an approach that will ultimately be successful to improve patient experience? The providers of health care are in the best position to

  • Patient Safety

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    Patient safety in the OR is the upmost priority for the perioperative nurses and medical team. Surgical procedures come with great risks and it is the nurse’s responsibility to protect the patient as much as possible. A vital way in which nurses can protect their patient’s while in the OR is through safe positioning. Correctly positioning a patient can eliminate preventable complications, like infections or pressure sores, and ultimately allow the healthcare team to provide safer care. The nurse

  • Patient Safety

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    problems of patient safety and medical treatment errors have received a great deal of attention lately in the United States.” On a financial scale according to Naveh , Katz-Navon, & Stern (2005, Pg. 948), “It is estimated that 44,000 to 98,000 patients in the United States die in a given year as a result of treatment errors in the healthcare system.” In order to reduce these issues, everyone must to

  • Angry Patients

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    Part A) Angry patients and families pose one of the biggest challenges for clinicians. One of the barriers that nurses/doctors can face when dealing with an angry patient in a healthcare setting is difficult conversation. Angry patients can be very difficult to communicate with as most of them do not listen to the professionals when they are trying to speak to them. For the patient, it can be very frustrating when, for example, one is in pain and has to wait a long time to be seen by a doctor. This

  • Dying Patients

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    still undergo significant impact from a dying patient (Ratanawongsa et al., 2005). The stress can notably affect the performance of healthcare providers in caring for the other patients. The most common responds from studies shows that doctors withdraw from other patients and colleagues

  • Patient Safety

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    treatment and instead coming out with more harm than you went in with. Patient safety and security is a huge aspect of the nursing field. When a patient is not feeling well it is the nurse’s job to make sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible despite the situation and most of all it is of even higher priority for the nurse to guarantee patient safety. Hospital time and stays can be very difficult and even upsetting to some patients. The idea of being in unfamiliar surroundings being care for by

  • Patient Empowerment

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    this discussion board is to talk about the outcome of patient empowerment. One of the factors that should be considered when the patient and nurse view differs is, the outcome of the decision regarding the patients’ health. Nurses should help with arranging the care of the patient around the patients’ need. When the nurse and the patient disagree, the nurse should listen to the patient needs. We should try and understand the opposition of the patient; so that we can come to a common ground on how to

  • Trauma Patients

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    Trauma patients I am currently taking a EMT course through Copper Mountain College. We have had to study trauma and medical cases. I would like to share with you in detail some of the cases that we have studied first ill introduce you to some of the assessments that have to be done before we begin. For a trauma patients especially one whose injuries are serious-time must not be wasted at the scene. This patient needs to get to a hospital as quickly as possible. On the other hand, enough time must

  • Patient Environment

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    A patient is an individual that is receiving medical care to improve their health. In the medical environment the nurse and the patient have to create and maintain a trusting and healthy relationship. The establishment of the relationship is essential to successfully find various ways too address and improve a patient’s health concerns. In order to create a professional, but personable relationship with each patient it is essential that I treat each individual with respect. Regardless of varying

  • Veracity to Patients

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    Therapeutic privilege involves the deception of patients by their doctors. If a doctor feels that pertinent information may potentially do more harm to the patient than good, he may withhold that information. It was once widely believed that if a terminal patient found out he/she were going to die, the information would ultimately cause him/her more harm and anguish. To “protect” their patients, doctors often withheld such information. Grounds for this justification are in the principles of beneficence

  • Patient Confidentiality

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    As a nurse, I hear the words patient confidentiality and patient privacy on a regular basis. These are not just words, these are standards and laws that help protect a person’s medical information from being disclosed to multiple people or entities that have no right to know this personal information. For this discussion board, I will be providing a distinction between patient confidentiality and patient privacy, introduce the discussion board example from the case presentation by Burkhart and Nathaniel

  • Patient Care

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    Important to Patients of these Faiths When Cared for by Someone with a Different Faith When receiving care, it is important that the patient’s needs are kept as first priority. This includes both the individual’s physical and spiritual health. As human beings, conflict may occur between those of varying religions or worldviews. However, as a health care provider a certain level of respect must be obtained. There are many factors which contribute to maintaining the health requirements of a patient. One

  • Patient Safety

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    Introduction Patient safety has become a major concern in the healthcare sector because of the prevalence of medical errors. Patient safety has even stood out as its own ideal discipline and it encompasses certain areas of healthcare service provision such as reporting, analysis and prevention of medical errors (because of the upsurge of medical errors across the globe). Initially, medical errors were not considered a big issue in medical circles until there was an increased trend of medical errors