Jean Watson Theory In Nursing

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Watson’s Caring Theory and Advanced Practice Nurses The nursing profession is considered both an art and a science. An example of the science of nursing is the theory and evidence based practice guidelines (EBP), which influence a nurses practice. The art of nursing is fluid of bringing science and patient care into nursing practice. Nurses in all levels of nursing educational programs should study nursing theory. According to Eun-Ok (2015) theory evaluation has declined and it is essential to developing nursing knowledge; which, leads to the development of nursing discipline. Nursing theory should be continually evolving as current health care trends evolve. The best way to accomplish this is through incorporating theory in academia and nursing…show more content…
Watson first published her theory of caring in 1979 in a book titled, Nursing: Human Science and Caring. Watson and other researchers have built upon this theory and caring theory should continually be evolving as the delivery of patient care evolves. This theory focuses on care between the nurse and the patient. This interaction is defined as setting mutual tasks, how a spiritual force may help the interaction and when caring in the moment of true healing may occur. When the nurse and patient are on the same level spiritually self-awareness and self-discovery occur. There are ten themes identified in this article essential to caring in…show more content…
The APRN listens and engages with the patient as care and compassion take place. As the nurse discerns what the patient’s needs are and considers obstacles to achieving optimal care the application of theory is necessary as the process is not always quantifiable. The APRN who does not learn nursing theory may focus primarily on EBP and miss this engagement opportunity with the patient. One may prescribe medication; however, if the patient does not take the medication, then the nurse assumes the patient is noncompliant. The application of Watson’s themes where appropriate helps the APRN discern how to help the patient become compliant. It is necessary to care for the patient outside of the idea of only providing care to understand the obstacle in that patients circumstances and reach improved patient outcomes to any disease
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