Middle Range Nursing Theory

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Middle Range Theory

Theory’s responsibility is to provide nurses with standards that reinforce practice, as well as, for future nursing understanding and delivery. Basically, it provides nursing professionals with a tested way of thought on how to handle certain situations with proven results. The importance of nursing theories to nursing research is the knowledge offered gives nurses the foundation for communicating with others and best practice. Middle range theory according to McEwen & Wills (2011, p 35) are theories that have concrete concepts, that are specific, incorporate a measured number of concepts and characteristics of the real world and are tested for accuracy.

Beck’s Approach to Theory Development

Becks approach to theory development in regard’s to postpartum psychosis, postpartum depression and maternity blues, is a grounded theory, which is a process of theory identification that allows the researcher the information to explain the general features of an issue, while establishing a theory. Beck started by reviewing existing literature on maternity blues. Reflecting on characteristics of postmodern philosophy of science. Beck believed, as reported by Lasiuk & Fergusson (2005) “Each successive research project should be guided by the previous research study. The object of this systematic, continuous inquiry is the cumulative production of new knowledge in a substantive area of nursing.” By looking at all available research Beck was able to get a complete understanding of maternal blues from the information she gathered.

Beck went on to formulate a mothers attempt to cope with postpartum depression and identified four stages: Stage one, encountering terror, stage two, dying of self. Stage three...

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