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I was not that active or as involve in the class, but I like many activities that happened in class. There were different activities or communicative practices that has help me get through this class. I love to write, but writing class was never my favorite. The reason is I don’t like formal writing, writing that require a lot of researching and a long period of time, or a lot of requirements. This class did require me to write quite a lot. There are writing that I would never want to write because I don’t think that I’m that good at writing. I always feel pressure when I see a writing assignment because it always seem like there are a lot, and there are a lot of different requirements. So when I saw this class on my schedule, I was very stressful. But it wasn’t as bad as I imagine. The writing were still difficult for me, but this class make it seem really easy. I like how you always allow us a long time to work on our essays. You gave many opportunities to make our essays better. Like how we have to write different amount of drafts and different due dates. I think this is very useful for me, I seem to work a lot better when things are break down to smaller sections. So when you have different due dates for different drafts, it had help me a lot. I wasn’t as stress because I know what I was suppose to do . I also like how we trade our paper with our classmates and received feedback from them. I think this is very valuable because I was able to see how people look at my paper. Their thoughts, opinions, and feedback really help me understand what I need to change to make my paper better. Sometimes it give me confident too, because when I thought that my paper wasn’t good enough, and then I trade with a classmate and she said it was... ... middle of paper ... ...igh school are very different compare to this class. I thought that usually you’re on your own in college, but I don’t think that way about this class. I always feel like you really care about out education and wanted to help everyone pass. When you take your times and read through all our essays, leave comments, and questions us, it really show that you care. Because sometimes I don’t feel like teachers really care about student’s success, but this class show me something different. Thank you for all the activities you have provided to help make the assignments easier. I like how we do revision on our drafts because this way allow me to see what changes I can make or what I need to do to make my writing better. I’ve learn a lot too, I know more about disability and literacy now. You’ve really make English class and the writing process fun and easy for me. Thank You.

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