My Growth as a Writer

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I have never liked writing; I always thought it was a waste of time. It was a great therapy but I never found academic writing to be useful just tedious. Only ever writing when I had too made it harder for my writing skills to grow or improve in any way. I have not taken an English class since the 10th grade, even then I never gave it much effort, just doing what I had to so I could pass the class. Then I jump in to College English 1010, I feel like I do well in all other subjects but this one. English is my worst nightmare. However in 8th grade I had an inspiring teacher, Ms. Moe. She told us to write whatever we felt on paper, to create stories from our lives, to write from our souls. Of course all of my stories were morbid with sinister events, but well written. (Maybe because I would spend all the time I could with her, so I would revise and revise until it was perfect- well at least for an 8th grader.) Writing My Past as a Writer was a great way to remind me why writing was alright. This paper was a little easier to write because it was my story. I had to revise it a bit and add some more background to what I was writing in the class, such as my Johnathn story (there are more of them too). As to let the reader know why Ms. Moe called me ‘disturbed’, but that was not hard. I’m sure Ms. Geary was a little concerned after reading this, wondering if she needed to report that I’m unstable or a threat to others, but no I just enjoy writing things that get my dark side out (I’m stable now, I promise). Getting a perfect score the first time, I still revised it and added things I thought would make it even better to read. Peer reviewing with Russell was great because he had some great insight in how to portray my reputation. Havi... ... middle of paper ... on the topic, so going back to try and find almost every source I have ever read was a little daunting, but I found most of them. I wanted to thank Ms. Geary for reminding me how much writing can do for me. It helped me realize that writing isn’t so horrible but it is just hard work. My writing skills have improved due to this class and all Ms. Geary had taught me. She made class fun with her inflections and just the way she says everything, her personality definitely showed through. I looked forward to class but never the homework. Finally after reading over my final drafts of: My Past as a Writer, Problematic Essay and my Exploratory Research Paper I realize that I have dramatically improved my writing skills in every draft thanks to revisions and some positive criticism for Ms. Geary. I think I am now ready to take on the next step in the English world.

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  • Narrates how they have never liked writing. they haven't taken an english class since the 10th grade, even then, just doing what they had to to pass the class.
  • Narrates how their 8th grade teacher, ms. moe, encouraged them to write whatever they felt on paper, to create stories from their lives and souls — writing their past as a writer reminded them why writing was alright.
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