Reflection Of My Writing Process

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Writing is a process I’ve grown to despise. Ever since grade school, I’ve had problems trying to express my ideas on paper. My writing process involves thinking about what’s being asked and trying to reflect my thoughts the best way I can on paper, but my thoughts don’t always come out as clear as I want them to be sometimes leaving a question not fully answered. My writing process isn’t a consistent set in stone process, but since being in ENC 1101 I always follow some of the same parameters such as revising my drafts, grammar usage and considering context and audience.
According to Donald M. Murray in The Makers Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts “A piece of writing is never finished”. Before this class, I didn’t really revise my essays
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There are usually questions given in the rubric that I seek to answer in my essay which according to Murray is the first thing writers should look for in their draft: information. When discussing my path and comparing how it aligns to Murrays path, I tend to not focus as much as I should on meaning, sometimes in past essays and still to this day I have a problem with getting a little off topic or adding something to an essay that has no significance to the topic. Such as in the Rhetorical Analysis essay I started focusing more on my personal opinion instead of examining the rhetorical situation. As previously stated, I always consider the audience when writing essays. In our Establishing a Literacy Assignment I made sure the audience understood what literacy I established and the sponsors who helped me establish the literacy. Without those pieces of information, my paper wouldn’t have told the reader what they needed to know and, therefore, would’ve been…show more content…
My form and structure are not always the best. In one of our more challenging essays, the Rhetorical Analysis Essay my form and structure weren’t as strong as they should be. As stated before, I made the mistake of not staying focused on the rhetorical elements of my topic and venturing my own personal opinion in the essay, which crowded and weakened my form and structure. Continuing with Murray’s path, the development of my essays is based on the rubric. I always seek to include information that the rubric is essentially telling me to include, but sometimes I fall short of developing my thoughts enough. The dimension of my essays also has inconsistencies. I tend to have a problem of expanding into great detail on one point of my essay leaving another point barely expanded upon leaving my essay disproportionate. Finally, the last thing writer’s look for in their essay is their own voice. Thomas Osborne in Late Nights, Last Rites, and the Rain-Slick Road to Self Destruction states “I strive for a good grade, and will work as hard as possible to achieve one, but there is a voice in the back of my head that is effectively scoffing at the ridiculousness of some assignments and expectations that I have had to complete and live up to.” My voice sometimes gets lost in assigned essays when I try to fulfill certain standards that are put upon me. Thomas and I both struggle with writing what we need to write in order to achieve the grade
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