English 1301 Research Paper

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Transitioning from high school to college can be overwhelming. Before English 1301, I thought that I did not have to worry about being prepared for college. I quickly realized that my little background in writing essays was not going to be enough for college. Writing is not just something that I will use in English classes. In college, I will have to use effective writing skills in all my classes to complete research papers, essay tests and communicate to professors. Throughout my education, writing strategies persisted to be something that did not come easy to me. I dreaded writing because I could never find ways to get my thoughts down on paper. Ironically, a class that petrified me due to the amount of writing that was required ended up helping me in so many ways. English 1301 and my professor prepared me so much for college and real life. When beginning English…show more content…
This is my most cherished paper because after writing it, I finally started to believe in my writing ability. My confidence after this essay flourished and I stopped second-guessing my writing style. In this paper, I applied all of the techniques I had learned in English 1301 including organization, imagery, and finding a personal message. My research paper is another example of my work that demonstrated improvement in my writing. My goal was to use facts and support to shock the readers about the dangers of texting while driving. One way to accomplish this shock factor was to compare drinking and driving to texting and driving, “texting while driving is comparable to having the same impairment as drinking three beers” (Arias). I also learned so much about the correct way to cite many different resources while writing. In my research paper, I successfully cited a video along with many types of sources to help support my thesis. These papers illustrated how far my writing has come since the beginning of the
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