Personal Narrative: How I Feel About Writing

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659 words

How I Feel about Writing I am not the kind of person who talks or writes much. Putting my thoughts on papers is something I have always struggled with doing. I believe this class will help me improve on transferring my thoughts to paper, in an organized fashion. I look forward to becoming a better writer because of this class. Writing has been my most challenging requirement through school. I am not a very experienced writer. I was not required to write much in high school until my last semester. My last semester in high school, about a year and half ago, I took GENR-091 which is the last time I have written a paper longer than one page. That was my most recent writing class; I am rusty to say the least. When it comes to writing I feel like

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the class will help them improve on transferring their thoughts to paper, in an organized fashion.
  • Opines that they have more strengths than weaknesses when it comes to writing.
  • Opines that their goal for writing is to have better organization in their papers. they also hope to learn to do a better job proofreading and improve on their creativity.
  • Opines that this class will help them pursue their aviation degree, as they know a lot of classes will require them to write papers. they will use writing skills to build their resume and cover letter when applying for jobs.
  • Opines that the class will be a challenge for them because they haven't done much writing recently, which is probably why they feel like they've more weakness than strength.
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