My Personal Experience: My First Day Of Class

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As the days between registration and the first day of class dwindled down, the anxiety I was facing was just accumulating. My first ever class in college would be the subject I was weakest in. Intimidated and excited would be the words I would use to describe my first day of class; the class was like a person going to a new place for the first time, it would be a daunting and excitement filled moment. With each day passing in the class, I could feel my development in the mastery of the English language gain in size; each time I realized this, I felt as if I was moving from one previous destination to a new destination that led me to being closer to where I am. The first time I had gotten a feel for my writing capabilities was my first journal entry. We were required to…show more content…
I was also working on our second essay. This essay required us to choose an Instagram user, and pick 2 to 3 of their posts, and write an interpretive essay on what message the account is trying to convey to its followers. I had chosen the account Humans of New York to write my paper on. My claim for this paper was to not perceive people on they way they look; they too have a past that they arose from to stand where they are now. Writing this essay was easier than the first cause in this essay, I wrote an outline; this outline helped me greatly in solving my problem of staying on topic. With more experience in the peer review process, I was more comfortable in using the comments that the other students in my class suggested. My professor suggested that I work on making things more clear and to analyze my claims more effectively. Keeping these comments in mind, I revised my paper to have a slight summary of each image and a descriptive analysis afterwards. I also worked on making sure that the message I was trying to convey came through to the audience. Overall, I would say that I moved to a position that I would say I had improved my writing
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