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    addition, students do not know their rhetorical choices and context can affect their writing. Therefore, new college student writers should learn rhetorical awareness, because they will learn ways to use language and rhetoric can help them write focused essay. Rhetoric is the way new college student writers use language. According to Sylvia Morales, an English professor and author of “The Rhetorical Situation” handout believes rhetoric is “the art of using language effectively and persuasively” (1). When

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    writer is grammar. I tend to misuse commas a lot, which on my essays were labeled “comma splices.” In the first few essays that I wrote, I had a few of these comma splices. For example in my summary essay I wrote, “Julie spent two years in Indonesia studying and performing, she had become one of the family in the village where she stayed.” That comma should not have been put there. I had the same comma splice problem in my critique essay. I wrote, “She partook in an experimental problem that only made

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    Multicultural Anthology,” by Suzanne Kelly, has many impactful essays, poems, and stories. The essay which I found to be the signal most impactful essay is entitled “ Fence Sitters, Switch Hitters, and Bi-Bi Girls: An Exploration of Hapa and Bisexual Identities,” by Beverly Yuen Thompson. Thompson, a biracial woman of Asian and Anglo heritage wrote this essay in 2000. In the essay Thompson addresses several aspects of her identity but the part of the essay that affected me the most was her explanation of what

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    jobs they would have no income and could be living on the streets. Overall the two essays “No Sweat” and “Low Wage Strong Backs” discusses low wage workers and they talk about working conditions, one focus on both positive and negative effects of low wage work while the other focuses only on the negative effects. The two essays No Sweat and Low Wage Strong Backs talks about workers who get low wages. In the essay No Sweat, “In Uzbekistan, thousands of children must pick 10 to 40 kg of cotton per

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    from my own memories that the essays reminded me of. My writing skills at the beginning of the semester was, at an elementary level, but now that I’ve had practice. I’m beginning to flourish with talents that come alive at the tap of key. As I looked over the essays I wrote, I am able to see the clumsy mistakes I made along the way. Now, in the future I can avoid being picked out of the crowd as the amateur writer. The following papers in this portfolio is of the essays I did in Comp I class. The papers

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    This compare and contrast essay is over two versions of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”. The two versions of the story that will be compared in this essay are the teleplay and the short story. The essay will include similarities and differences regarding the plot, how the teleplay construction differs from the short story, the differences between the two genres and how they affect the reader, and my opinion of which genre I prefered and why. First off, we have some similarities of the two

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    There are different types of essay writing including descriptive, illustrative, compare and contrast, persuasive and cause an effect. The main idea of the essay, or the thesis, is presented in the first paragraph. The thesis of this essay is how to use the writing process to effectively apply composition techniques including wriing the thesis statement, using topic sentences, transitiions, details, and proper conventions to elaborate your ideas using voice, word choice, sentence fluency and organization

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    Reflective Essay My portfolio absolutely reflects my understanding of persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is the ability to use certain word choices in order to convince an audience to agree, or a least grasp, the topic that is being written about. My portfolio represents the goals and objectives of persuasive writing. The essays I have written for this course demonstrate that I have certainly developed my critical thinking skills, and also developed, or better yet, mastered my communication

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    English 202 and had to get back into the swing of things. At the beginning of the semester it seemed like it would be easy, however, I learned quickly that it wasn’t going to get easier, and while though out the semester I improved in my writing on my essays, it wasn’t without its struggles. After making it look easy, there was a lot of work put into each assignment to pull off something that didn’t come naturally to me, often I had trouble grasping any outward looking theory which might allude to the

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    that I had acquired in prior courses. I consider myself an average writer, the results on essays I did depended on how much time and effort I put on each. Most of the time I didn’t know how to start or didn’t know if what I was doing was correct, but as the course developed my improvement was becoming evident. While I was taking this course I was taught several techniques to implement when writing an essay. During the summer I learned about the writing processes and some grammar; I liked the course