Persuasive Essay Reflection

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Over the past semester, I have found the most challenging part of this course to simply be the transition from high school composition classes to college. Because writing expectations are so different in college than in high school, even with AP and Dual Enrollment “college level” classes, I first found myself being overwhelmed with the pressure to write the perfect first draft. The pressure came from knowing how much a final draft of a paper contributed to my grade. This left me sitting in front of my computer for hours at a time with thoughts of what I wanted to say racing through my head, but unable to deliver these thoughts into organized, structured sentences. I learned, through writing my persuasive essay, that instead of trying to write the paper start to finish and already in its perfect form, it is easier for me to look at the paper through its different components and focus on them individually, then work to best organize my ideas fluently.…show more content…
Whereas the research proposal and annotated bibliography had specific requirements, the persuasive essay relied on my ability to properly research my issue and compile an argument that provided the reader with enough background information and also my views on the issue. It was much easier writing about what issue I wanted to dedicate my paper to and the sources that would be helpful than trying to convince readers why certain clauses within the law should be removed and address different religious beliefs. My learning experience from this assignment is addressed in the above paragraph. I used this experience when constructing this essay by answering each individual question in its own paragraph and then stepping back to look at the connection between my different answers. I again find this easier because I’ve already provided the content and only have to focus on organizing the

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