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As a second language learner I have never expected myself to be a perfect writer throughout the semester. Even If English was my first language still, I would not be a perfect writer. It is not about first or second language, it is about how well I understand the learning objectives. Then organizing and writing with my own ideas and putting them in my paper. I am going to be honest, I am not good at English subject and English subject is my strongest weakness than the other subjects. In this paper I will discuss and analyze my own writing, reflecting on the ways that my writing has improved throughout the semester. The very first paper that I had to do was to choose two poems that we went over in class and compare and contrast both poems, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that as a second language learner, they have never expected themselves to be perfect writers throughout the semester.
  • Explains that they didn't do well with the assignment because of grammatical errors and a thesis statement. they followed the outline, but did not use any quotes from the text.
  • Explains that they struggled with the 2nd formal paper because the question was difficult to understand. they chose the story "sonny's blues" because they understood it better than others.
  • Explains that the last paper was about using 3 sources to illuminate a particular aspect of their chosen play, "the things they carried" by tim o 'brien.
  • Concludes that they have improved their writing on grammars, how to find sources, where to use citations and explaining them.

The question was to write a 4 page in which you discuss the impact a on-literacy text has on your reading of “The Lottery,” “Sonny’s Blues,” OR “Hills Like White Elephants.” I chose the story “Sonny’s Blues” because I Understood this story better than others. First of all, since I did not get good grades, I thought I should put more effort on these papers in order to do better in this course. So, I tried to use some higher level words so that my paper may look like a higher writer’s paper. Same as the 1st paper, my thesis statement still was not clear because the way I put the thesis, it seems like my opinion, however, If I try I can make it look like a better thesis statement. For example, “I think you can work on your thesis. Your thesis is like generalized about the story but professor want something that changed or confirmed your view. Definitely, you can work on thesis to make clear idea what this essay is about.” (Peer Review 2- Islam) In other words, as I said, my thesis is more look like a sentence that summarizes the story where in this paper, it should look like a change that after reading a secondary source have made. This was my thesis, “A non literary text impact various way depending on how an individual analyzes the piece.” (Paper 2-page 1). After the peer review, I have changed my thesis statement into something like this “Reading …show more content…

It was about using 3 sources to illuminate a particular aspect of my chosen play and to investigate some of the context of the work and to integrate the sources along with interpretation to address questions that arise in my reading of the work. My chosen play was “The Things They Carried” by Tim O 'Brien. First of of I had to come up with a question and I had to come up with a thesis that will answer the question. Before getting a review from the peer my thesis was this, “So, it can be argued that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross 's love for Martha was either a mistake or beneficial during the Vietnam war.” (Paper 3-Page 1) "Your thesis "So, it can be argued that Lieutenant Jimmy Cross 's love for Martha was either a mistake or beneficial during the Vietnam war" need to revise. You don 't need to mention argued in thesis, just need to prove it.”(Peer Review 3-Islam) I realized my peer was right, I had to write a thesis that will make the reader find out what the thesis is, I do not need to literary mention “this is the thesis”. After I change my thesis something like this, “While Jimmy Cross 's love for Martha brought his respite for the war and ultimately proved to be harmful to him, his men and his ability to be an effective leader.” This thesis seems more like stronger and arguments. Then I had to choose three secondary sources as an evidence. The part I struggled the most was finding the

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