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As a senior student of Mansfield High School, I have learned to appreciate school administrators, teachers, and other faculty for their sufficient effort to making me succeed. I have taken it upon myself to take an English Composition class in high school rather than taking it in college. I have always had in interest in English, I had heard this was one of the hardest English classes you could take and so I accepted the challenge. This class does have many challenges and sometimes i get quite stumped, but I always try to get through with my work in a decent manner. All there is to do in this particular class is type up essays and revise them, nevertheless, book assignments in between. My instructor does great job at keeping things put together, making sure we know the adequate methods to succeed in the class and making the class as straightforward as possible. The first essay I wrote in this class was primarily about how awesome I am. At first I thought I would never be able to get done due to the broad topic that it was. I was asking myself, how could a person like me write about how awesome they are? The topic grew on me as the second work day came around, I had completed two pages of my essay…show more content…
I may not have thousands of friends on Facebook and I may not have very many friends in real-life either, but the few friends that I do have are blessed with the best. If I had no friends, I would still be awesome. A person does not need friends to be awesome, but it is awesome to have friends too. My friends accept me for who I am. That’s what I like about having true friends. True friends don 't judge you negatively, unless they 're joking around. I’m so awesome that the awesomeness I have obtained has rubbed off on my friends and has made them awesome as well. My friends are undoubtedly jealous of my mind-boggling awesomeness. I don 't blame them. I would be
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