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Reflective Essay Up until this year, before taking the class intermediate composition, I thought I was a terrible writer. I was right. Writing isn’t something that I enjoy doing, nor am I good at. Writing is difficult for me because I’m not very good at explaining things in a professional manner, that can be easily well written. While writing you are expected to make little to no mistakes, which is not something I’m great at. I am so much better at explaining things with verbal words rather than written words. I had not taken any extra writing classes before this year rather than the mandatory ones. Like I had stated before, I hate writing, with a passion. I dread writing anything, especially an essay for school, like this one. I’m …show more content…

It was also one of my favorites. I loved how you got to use your own creativity for this paper and didn’t have to follow any specific guidelines. It lets people, including myself, show their creativity, story making side. Although I hate writing, I enjoyed being able to brainstorm and create my own personal story that is exactly how I want it to be. This essay, surprisingly, took me more than a couple hours to do. I did not wait until the absolute last minute to type this essay. Instead, I took my time and did a little day by day, giving myself more time to think and expand the creativity of the paper. During this paper I had mastered the ability to create my own fictional story that appeals to almost all audiences. The only thing within this story that I was having problem with was detail. When I read or write something, I don’t expect a lot of detail. I’d rather imagine the scenario in my head than explain it in a specific way on paper. Although it was not easy for me, I believe I did a decent job on adding sensory …show more content…

I am one of those people who still have no idea what they want to become when they’re older. I do not know if I am going to college or if I am just going to look for a job right out of school. The research we did for this paper allowed me to explore the different types of jobs, most of them that I had never heard of. It allowed me to see their rating, whether employees enjoy working in that field, as well as their pay. I kind of thought about becoming a businessman or creating my own company. This essay allowed me to view my different ideas in a more realistic way. I am glad we did this essay. During this essay I feel like I did a pretty good job at including facts and evidence, while providing a cited source. The only trouble I had with this paper was trying to include good evidence without copyright. I wanted to add as much detail about the career that I

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