Using Pico Framework On Evidence Based Practice And Research Essay

Using Pico Framework On Evidence Based Practice And Research Essay

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Using PICO framework In Evidence Based Practice And Research
Evidence-based practice (EBP) and research are quintessential guides that professional nurses use in the quest to deliver the best care and achieve optimal outcomes. The aim of EBP is to aid practitioners to structure care of patients with the best and most current evidence. The first step and basis of EBP is to determine there is a gap in the knowledge base to be able to ask an answerable question by forming a focused clinical question. The most useful tools to assist in forming a focused clinical question is the PICO model. This tool can be used to construct searchable questions as the initial step in using research data to guide decision-making. The tool lists search terms to look at the connection around an issue and intercessions to address the issue. Pico is a critical mnemonic that is used to form the vital parts of a well-built, clinical question.
In 2011, a study was performed to determine the level of nursing knowledge concerning EBP and if nurses were advocates for EBP. The study asked nurses to answer questions regarding their literary research skills. Greater than 64% of nurses in the study gave positive feedback regarding EBP. The three top barriers regarding EBP and research were: (1) nurse’s workload and time constraints, (2) lack of education and mentoring, and (3) only being aware of how to use basic search features. In fact, less than 25% had knowledge of how to perform a Boolean search (Majid, 2011). Developing EBP competencies are fundamentally essential in evidence-based care.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the connection between evidence and research-based practice, discuss how focused clinical questions are developed, and to...

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The main association between research and evidence-based practice is both involve the nurse asking questions. The question that evidence-based practice is asking is “identify the key problem of the patient and what treatment or tests have been done or should be considered and what is the desired outcome.” The questions that nursing research addresses are 1) “is there a knowledge deficit in a clinical situation?” and 2) “what is the latest information or treatments that can offer optimal patient care?” Whether it is nursing research or EBP, the construction of a focused clinical question is imperative. PICO is a mnemonic for the vital parts of a well-built clinical question. Following the PICO framework is critical and useful in the search strategy by identifying key concepts that should be contained in the article and also in producing usable resul

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