PICOT Model In Nursing

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PICOT Statement
Jordan Stansbury
Grand Canyon University: NSG 325
March 10, 2014

PICOT Statement
Research is a pivotal tool necessary in order to expand knowledge. It provides the basis of evidence that leads to discoveries. This is especially crucial in nursing and health care. Nursing research allows nurses to further understand illness, prevention of disease, and effective ways to provide optimal health care (National Institute of Nursing Research, 2003). In health care, evidence-based research is crucial. Nurses revolve their practice on evidence so that they may provide the best health care. Without research, there would be no evidence to prove health care related findings (Shmidt & Brown, 2012). With appropriate
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The PICOT model creates a template for clinicians that allow them to break down clinical questions related to a specific population. With this model, clinicians find information via online databases and journals to gather accurate data. Often, health care providers have the capacity and interest in formulating a question, however they lack research strategy (Riva, Malik, Burnie, Endicott & Busse, 2012). The PICOT model helps bridge the gap between questions and answers. A concern of mine in health care deals with mistakes made in the operating room. The proposed research question is “Does the implementation of the World Health Organization’s Surgical Safety Checklist, in its entirety, reduce the rate of surgical mistakes and increase positive results compared to surgeries that do not follow all aspects of the surgical safety checklist; especially in lower income countries or emergency surgery situations where time is not…show more content…
The intervention refers to the treatment provided to the population of the study (Riva et all 2012). In this case, the intervention is the suggested compliance of the entire WHO Surgical Safety Checklist versus noncompliance or lack of completing the full checklist. Full surgical team compliance of the checklist provides safety for patients undergoing surgical procedures, appropriate team communication, and beneficial results for patients and staff. It would be advantageous, especially in emergency situations, to implement an assigned RN to be responsible for the checklist to minimize the risk of any mistakes made by the operative staff. Regardless of the severity of the emergency situation, the checklist should be evaluated in order to prevent any further complications or mistakes and to provide accurate team

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