Professional Development: My Professional Role Development Plan

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Professional Role Development Plan
While transitioning from RN to BSN, I am enduring countless learning, professional experience, and nursing knowledge. I am learning that baccalaureate nursing gives me a different perception of viewing nursing care as not only limited to individual and a family but also the whole community. The professional development that higher education is bringing upon me is exceptional.
Vision of Healthcare in Future
Today’s healthcare system is consistently evolving with new advances, technologies, and evidence based research. In order to meet the demands of nursing to continue to deliver safe and effective practice, positive patient outcomes, nurses are challenged to stay on top of the industry by continuing education.
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Nursing practice includes both direct and indirect care for patients, which includes individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations. Nursing practice is built on nursing knowledge, theory, and research. In addition, nursing practice derives knowledge from a wide array of other fields and professions, adapting and applying this knowledge as appropriate to professional practice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 1998, p. 7).
Professional Development Plan The essential BSN competencies enhance my professional and personal growth. When I interact with my patients at work I think above and beyond on how I can provide care and resources to this individual in meeting his/her needs by collaborating with interdisciplinary teams. I am gaining knowledge of being a member in the community and act as a role model.
Member of the Profession
Promote the practice of professional nursing through leadership activities and advocacy (Texas Board of Nursing, 2010). Upon completion of this program, I want to implement working as a good leader as a charge nurse and lead my team through my professional knowledge and practice and not only be an advocate to my peers but my patients as