Evidence Based Practice in Nursing

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Within this essay Evidence based Practice will be identified and the significant effect it has on the nursing profession, barriers will also be explored in the implementation of Evidence Based Practice.

Individuals need specific care tailored to them, it is vitality important to have the correct professional and appropriate personal care. In order to receive this we need to get the patient involved in the decision process, listen to their views and opinions and receive the relevant, accurate, professional and medical information. Once all the information is collaborated a personal care package can be put into practice.

Evidence - Based Nursing, An introduction (2008, p.1) “ At is core evidence based ‘anything’ is concerned with using valid and relevant information in decision making” “high quality research is the most important source of valid information”.

Psychological Association (2006, p. 273) defines EBP as "the integration of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture and preferences."

When caring for patients it is fundamentally important to have a good selection of up to date evidence Based Practice clinical articles to support research strategies, this allows professionals to assemble the most resent and accurate information known which enables them to make decisions tailored to the individual’s plan of care. It is essential to have clinical expertise and have the involvement from the individual patient, they must have full engagement and incorporation in order to have the accurate evaluation.

The most commonly definition of Evidence Based Practice is modified from Sackett et al's (1996, p. 71-72) definition from evidence based medicine: "Evidence based ...

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...putting them into place.

(Journal of wound Care p . 11) Practitioners have a responsibility to ensure their practice is based on sound clinical evidence and that the care delivered is of a high quality. What are the best ways of achieving this in the reality of the modern NHS

To conclude Evidence Based Practice is a process of building up accurate information from medical research which has been correlated and assessed. From this the nurse is capable of advising the best plan of care. For nursing standards to improve it is vitality important that the nurse is given the time to research and the trust to start off the process of change for better care.


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