Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

The idea of a being a nurse has always been a driving force in my life. Throughout my Licensed Vocational Nursing Program I had my first encounters with sick people and the hospital setting. Observing my mentors I witnessed the difference they made in peoples lives. In my Registered Nursing Program I had the privilege of doing clinical rotations at The Veteran Affairs Hospital in Fresno, California. It was here that it was most profound that nurses not only heal the physical ailments of a patient but also those of the mind and spirit. I looked forward to spending time with the patients and listening to their histories while providing care. Through these experiences grew my personal philosophy of nursing. Nursing
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“Competence affects one’s self-respect, self-esteem, professional status, and the meaningfulness of work. In all nursing roles, evaluation of one’s own performance, coupled with peer review, is a means by which nursing practice can be held to the highest standards”(American Nurses Association, 2012). Staying current with these changes by taking continuing education units, reading medical journals and attending competency fairs assist the nurse in maintaining competency.
The nurse also recognizes that ones attitude and clinical skills is reflective of the place of employment, and will conduct themselves in a professional manner.
Nurses and Profession Applying my philosophy to nurses and the profession, I believe it is part of the nurse’s duty as an advocate to question unethical behavior observed in the professional setting. Voicing concern of unethical behavior instead of turning a blind eye maintains the integrity of the nurse. If the organization for which the nurse is employed requests actions that are against ones own moral code, or against their values, the nurse should make it known.
In the profession of nursing, evidence-based practice skills are used to help patients’ return to their normal state of being before illness or injury. New skills and knowledge that is brought to patient care by the nurse should be researched and supported by evidence – based practice.
Nurses and
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