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  • Lecture And Rhetorical Questions: Questions And Answers

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    • Lecture/Rhetorical Questioning: Talk in 7 to 10 minute segments, pause, ask pre-planned rhetorical questions; learners record their answers in their notes. • Surveys with Exemplifier: Pause, ask directly for a show of hands: 'Raise your hand if you agree... disagree... etc.' or 'Raise your hand if you have encountered an example of that.' Ask for a volunteer to speak for the response group whose hands are raised. • Turn To Your Partner And Pause, ask each to turn to the person next to them and

  • The Question of Piety

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    society was then based. He questioned Euthyphro as to whether the tales of the gods were true, to which Euthyphro pompously claimed to know for a fact that they were. In desiring to know with surety as Euthyphro claimed to, he further pursued the question of piety, without the diversion of determining which acts could be deemed as pious or impious. Socrates stated “Tell me what is the nature of this idea, and then I shall have a standard to which I may look, and by which I may measure actions” (Plato

  • Questions and the Team

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    being assigned, the question can promptly loom in one’s head: now what do we do? Well, if the right instructions or guidance were not given, this can be the scenario at hand. However, establishing a good forum to address any doubts and concerns within the team can lead to a better project experience overall. But what are the right types of questions to ask during a team project? Before even contemplating the type of questions, one needs to realize that any, or at least most questions relating to the

  • To hear or not to hear that is the question

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    And therefor give more incorrect answers to questions that had the presence of a voiceless affricate phoneme orthographically presented to them. Without any prior knowledge of phonetics or phonology how would the test subjects score. Hypothetically the expectation was that test subjects would make more mistakes on the questions that contained a voiceless affricate. Especially due to the lack of prior knowledge they would probably answer more questions correct that did not contain a voiceless affricate

  • Ecosystem: Questions And Answers: Notes: Multiple Choice Questions

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    Instructions: The test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Students are to answer all questions by ticking or circling the correct option against each of the item Time: 1 hr 1. Organisms in any ecosystem lives in a particular place or region called …………………………………. (a) Terrestrial habitat (b) Home(c) Habitat (d) Population (e) Aquatic habitat 2. Biosphere is made up of the following (a) Lithosphere, mesosphere, hydrosphere (b) Hydrosphere, thermosphere, xerosphere (c) Lithosphere, Atmosphere

  • Inappropriate Interview Questions

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    interviewer and interviewee must be aware of questions that may be illegal, discriminatory, or inappropriate. Summarized below are a few examples of those types of questions and how to answer them appropriately and professionally if asked. Interview Questions That Cannot Be Asked Age Questions pertaining to age such as, “How old are you?” are forbidden and is considered illegal if asked during the interview process (Raisbeck, 2010). Other questions relating to age that are considered illegal include:

  • Questions and Project Leadership

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    Questioning Can a leader achieve great results without asking questions? In most, if not all scenarios the answer is a resounding “no”. As management theorist Peter Drucker (2011) said, “The leader of the past was a person who knew how to tell; the leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.” (p. 1). Possessing the capability to determine which questions to examine as well as when to ask them will yield direct benefits for project’s leader. Among these benefits is constructing

  • The 6 Questions of Socrates

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    Hello, Taylor and Shilpa. Thank you for coming to this discussion of Socrates and of his ideals. Today, we have a special guest, who wrote The 6 Questions of Socrates, a journey of Socratic beliefs in the modern world. Please welcome Christopher Phillips and commend him for doing such a marvelous job in captivating Socrates’s beliefs as well as in his attempt of putting them in words for us all to read and learn from. An example of one of Christopher’s beautiful quotes is about virtue, or arete,

  • Questions Drive Projects

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    Questions Drive Projects The successful completion of any project starts with a plan. Asking the right questions before beginning a project can lend direction to the plan of attack. Questions can help to identify both pitfalls that could hamper completion of the project as well as strategies that will be effective towards completing the project. Brainstorming is an effective way of maximizing the amount of questions and solutions by incorporating the thoughts and ideas of others (Clark 2014). The

  • Socrates: the Question of Morality

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    The question of morality came up when Socrates and Cephalus were having a conversation about money. Cephalus says someone who has led a bad life will have nightmares and a person who leads a good life will not have such dreams and will be happy. Cephalus says being true and giving things back is morality. Socrates gives an example were you can do something good by not gibing something back. His example was if you borrow a weapon from a friend, and he is sane at the time and at the time you should