Importance Of Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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Nurses use evidence based practice and research to develop knowledge needed to practice in the nursing profession. Nurses use practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge in the many roles that nurses perform. As a provider of care and manager of care, nurses should use evidence based practice, research, and theoretical knowledge to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient. Lifelong education in nursing is necessary to keep up with the changes in nursing practice and to reinforce ethical knowledge and the core values that nurses use in their everyday practice. The professional value of caring as a nurse is one of the most important values. The caring attitudes of nurses will carry over to all other values that nurses should possess,…show more content…
One feature of evidence based practice is a problem-solving approach that draws on nurses’ experience to identify a problem or potential diagnosis. After a problem is identified, evidence based practice can be used to come up with interventions and possible risks involved with each intervention. Next, nurses will use the knowledge and theory to do clinical research and decide on the appropriate intervention. Lastly, evidence base practice allows the patients to have a voice in their own care. Each patient brings their own preferences and ideas on how their care should be handled and the expectations that they have (Fain, 2017, pg.…show more content…
As a nurse supervisor, I am responsible for overseeing the nurses on my shift. I must be able to evaluate each nurse and the care they provide ensuring that the best possible care is being provided. I must ensure that company policies and procedures are being followed. I am responsible for overseeing patient care to assist the staff with each patient when needed. The BSN program will teach me how to be a better manager and improve the nursing skills I already use in my practice. The BSN program will teach the use of quality improvement measures, outcomes, safety, and skills in working within organizations and communities (AACN, 2008). Another reason I am pursuing a BSN degree, so in the future, I will have more job opportunities. In today’s nursing field, more employers are requiring a BSN to be considered for management positions. A BSN will also provide opportunities to explore more areas of the nursing field. Continuing education allows me to grow and gain different experiences that will enhance the core values of nursing. Education will help balance evidence based practice, skills, and knowledge with compassion and professional confidence to be a caring nurse. Education can reinforce the moral, ethical, and legal conduct nurses should
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