What Is The Importance Of Communication In Nursing Essay

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Communication is a simple process and known by everyone as it is an inborn activity. Yet, there are people suffering from language disorder, who cannot deliver speech normally. Therefore, especially for nurses, it is important for us to learn different communication skills to talk with different people.
Communication refers to limited responses given by an organism to one stimulus. (Steven, 1950) It helps exchange one’s ideas by any methods such as speaking and listening, writing and reading or body language. An efficient communication process allows receivers to give clear responds. After finishing the presentation of this subject, I learned about how to communicate with people in a specific age range and remove communication barriers in
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We should prepare well to reduce anxiousness. Once we are anxious, it implies that we are lack of confidence. We may lower our volume to avoid mistakes. Yet, the listeners may not be able to hear and fail to give responds which leads to inefficient communication. When we are well prepared about the topics in our appointed communication, we are able to handle the situation and response correctly. Meanwhile, preparation shows respect and indicates our sincerity. We are disrespect if we are not paying attention, it may infuriate the interviewees. Finally, the interviewees become unwilling to tell us the information. Therefore, being emotionally stable could smoothen the communication.
After removing those communication barriers, proper communication skills should be applied to nursing field that will be beneficial to a therapeutic relationship. It is because patients could understand their situations and ease their worries toward the implemented treatments. From the views of nurses, they could give the best care services to the patients since they could start an appropriate care plan to deal with their complaints. The proper skills are adopted in nursing field as
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It is not just because of law, but also allows patients to complaint. They may feel uncomfortable to grumble if there are unrelated people. It would ultimately affect the services adopted or even do harm to patients. For example, I participated in a healthcare related volunteer work before and the senior nurses would suggest the health information to the patients. They would also provide privacy to those participants as the consultation station was separated from the health check center. Then, the others participants would not be able to hear their
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