The Importance Of Good Communication

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Good communication
Communication means that talk to people face to face, but that is just a part of communication. Communication is the contact between people; Talking is one of the way to communicate but not the only one. For example, body language, email and more.
There are six step to have a good communication. First , be a listener ,use your body language to show that you are paying attention to him , repeat what you have understand to make sure both of you are in the same page. Secondly, accept what you have saw, heard and think carefully. Step three say no politely and frankly , it will be accept easier ; Use the appropriate language to express your meaning ; Sometime using body language is better then you talk.
For a good communication
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Because of that, we always having problems when we get along with our family. It cause we lack of communication with our family. In the same time, if parents didn’t take into account the feeling of their children, they may easily lost the trust of their children and lead to disorient.
In a democratic society, the emphasis is respect the rights of each person independently and it encourage children to express their own feeling. Because of that, children express their own opinion while they communicating with their parents, challenge the opinion which given by their parents since they are young. Parents always consider that expressing opinion as rebel, and cause the conflict with their children. Part of the parents paid attention with their children’s opinion but in the same time they also worry that their children lost themselves. It cause a lot of parents don’t understand that why they having a big problem when they are communicating with their children. The main reason is that they have get the wrong way to communicate with their
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Good communication bring a lot of benefits for children. They begin to form ideas and beliefs themselves based on how their parents communicate with them. While parents communicate openly with their children, they are showing their respect. It make children feel that they are understood and heard by their parents, which is boost their confident. On the other hand, if the communication between parents and children is ineffective or negative it may lead children to think they are unimportant, unheard or misunderstood. Some of them may also believe their parents are unhelpful and
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