Essential Attributes in Nursing

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Nursing is developed gradually over the last 1800 years. Today’s demand for skilled nurses is significantly increases for educated nurses. Nurses is the first provider of health care, which delivers a high quality of care, safe environment, person-centred and focuses on the care of individuals, families and communities. In a nursing good workplace citizenship needs an understanding and maintaining a good relationship between patients and health professional to deliver quality health care and services. In the context of nursing, communication, teamwork and social responsibility is the main graduates attributes that are essential in workplace citizenship because it promotes a healthy relationship between health professionals, patients and improve the nursing workplace.
Communication is the exchanging information between two people or group where build trust, shares ideas and solve problem, which connect people to work together as a team and responsibility towards the society, patients and health professional upgrades a quality heath care and success to workplace.

Firstly, communication is the most essential component in nursing profession. In every workplace, communication contains writing, speaking, listening and identifying others ways to interact. According to Dwyer 2012, communication is the process of sending and receiving information between two or more people. In nursing profession, communication plays a crucial role in patient’s health and workplace to run smoothly and effectively. In this field nurses have to interact with patients, families, doctors and health professionals to provide information and quality care. In nursing profession nurses have to deal with different types of patient. For instance; deaf, disable, you...

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... care. Like wise in health care sector effective communication, teamwork and social responsibility attributes play a crucial role in workplace. Communication is the essential components in workplace, which helps to exchange information with the heath professional to develop the patient’s outcome. Effective communication makes a good team that creates safe and secure environment; maintain a work between health professionals to achieve the common goal. Lastly social responsibility is responsibility towards the individuals to treat equally, fairly, respecting their diversity and contribution to wellbeing of patients. In every organization needs a good citizenship to increase quality of care and enhanced the organization. Therefore, communication, teamwork and social responsibility are the essential attributes in nursing workplace and helps to foster the organization.

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