Critique Of Nurse-Patient Communication

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Literature Critique This literature critique reviews Catherine McCabe’s article, Nurse-patient communication: an exploration of patients’ experiences (McCabe, 2002). She has obtained many degrees related to health care (Registered General Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing Science, Registered Nurse Teacher, and Master Level Nursing) has many years of experience and is currently teaching at Trinity Center for Health Sciences. As stated in the title, this study will review the patient’s interactions with nurses in relation to their communication. This study used a qualitative approach, as stated within the article, by viewing the life experiences of the participants.
The introduction paragraph gives information on communication and the impact that it has on patient-nurse relationships. It gives the reader an understanding of what is involved in true communication and how that it is a fundamental part of nursing and skills all nurses need. It leads those interested in delivering quality nursing to read on. Showing us the significance that communication makes in the
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Limitations to this study could be seen in the size of the group of participants. Another limitation would be that only participants from one facility were interviewed.
Conclusion/ Implications for Future Research
This study showed that nurses can communicate well when a patient-center approach is used. There is need within health care for nurses to recognize that patients are more than a task that needs to be completed. That the patient themselves are an important element in their own care. By educating and giving nurses the evidence-based research available they can fill this gap. Continued research needs to be conducted on patient’s experiences of how nurses communicate. Showing us the behaviors that patients place high values on. Thus enabling nurses to use a patient-centered
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