What Is Leadership Reflective Essay

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Coming into this major I had no idea what to expect and the same went for this course, but I did know that it dealt with leadership, something that I have been steeped in for a good part of my life. So with that, it was hard to really set any goals as to what I would want to improve in with my leadership style but I was able to pin point a few aspects that could use some work through learning about different leadership techniques and methods. By learning about how leaders are formed, different approaches to leading groups and various aspects effecting group dynamics, I could determine an individuals or my own strengths in leadership and the methods necessary to effectively lead various types of groups. Also by observing many others in facilitating the after school program it gave me much more of an opportunity to see what works and what does not, this is an opportunity very few leaders get without being thrust into a role that they are ill prepared for. Before this course I had ample leadership experience starting from a young age with organized sports and most recently in military service, while I had a lot of time to hone a particular type of leadership style which was almost exclusively geared toward leading rough and tough young men. I soon learned that in this field that I would need to vary my leadership styles and methods because if I used my usual methods on a student…show more content…
• Brayson – Has a charisma that attracts attention, work well with kids and sets the energy level very well • Brandi – Quiet but very creative and positive • Curtis – Loud and energetic, fields questions well and has good parental skills • Erick – Brings a different view to the table, personal and intimate with interactions • Kelsey – Too quiet and timid, the students easily overpowered her and she never regained

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