My Style and Strengths of Leadership

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Leaders can have a powerful impact on the futures of many, and the way in which one approaches leadership is paramount to the type of impact one will have. Continual growth in the areas of knowledge I have and seek to acquire, as well as recognizing my leadership style and utilizing my personal strengths to the fullest, is vital to the successful implementation of my personal philosophy of leadership. Answering the question “‘Who are you?’ is where every leadership journey begins” (Kouzes & Posner, 2012, p. 43). My philosophy of leadership would be firmly rooted in compassion. It is my goal to create a learning environment that is supportive, fosters mutual respect and collaboration, and where students and staff feel safe and cared about. It is only when this type of environment is in place that I believe learning can take place to its fullest capacity. Through my completion of the survey for assessing natural leadership qualities, I was determined to be a creative assertive quality type (Glanz, 2002, p. 191-196). The characteristics listed on the high end of the creative assertive continuum are fitting to my personality (Glanz, 2002, p. 74). I am an emotional, sensitive, and caring person. I place extreme value on the presence of humanity in the world. Along with recognizing the importance of my students learning in many capacities, I believe we must educate the whole person by giving significant attention to the developing character of each individual child. It is my philosophy that by helping students to grow into critical thinkers that possess outstanding character, which includes demonstrating sensitivity and concern for others, that their lives will be rewarding as they contribute positively to the wor... ... middle of paper ... ...hey are doing, and these exchanges reinforce feelings that everyone is on the same team” (Kouzes & Posner, 2012, p. 63). Through acquiring additional experiences, while building upon my past ones, I intend to develop the outstanding leadership skills necessary to be successful. It is my belief that anyone with a desire to change the world would be fortunate to work in education. By sharing my vision with others, and building upon my skills while seeking constant growth, I strive to take an approach to leadership that fosters an effective, nurturing educational environment for the entire school community. By creating this type of environment, as well as through embracing and enhancing my leadership strengths, it is my goal to contribute to society by inspiring people to become better not only as teachers and students, but as compassionate human beings.
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